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Hi all! First time actually attempting a documentation/writeup of doing... well. Anything. I got this project here about putting a sub box in my car. But I don't want anything massive like a single 12" ported enclosure leaving me little more than room for groceries. So I decide to take things into my own hands and build a box to make all the local hoodrats jealous...:satan_smiley::satan_smiley:

First thing's first, I had to pick a location. I talked to a couple car audio "experts", a couple of "bangineers", and a couple of websites (crutchfield customer support is the tits). Came up with a few options, but since I wanted to maintain access to my backseat for emergency storage purposes, I decided on the pocket of space behind the passenger wheel well.

I decided to view a couple of sources for inspiration.
Instructables proved useful.

So as per this gentleman's suggestion I lined the area with masking tape.
I then left my keys in the trunk and closed the trunk lid because I got a call back from this girl I was into and was distracted playing Mr. Cool.

I then laid a few layers down forming the basic shape of the trunk area. I have a few pictures I'll upload as they come around (I knew I should have listened to her and taken more pictures).

Careful with the resin, because it does harden and gel up if you don't pay attention to the time it takes to lay it down. This was my first attempt at fiberglassing, but you pick up a technique for tacking down the cloth with resin and pressing it through to soak up the goop. It will ruin the brushes you use quickly. So go to Walmart and buy their assorted chip brush set. It's cheap and three or four sets will get you through the process.

I now have about three quarters of a shell so far. I hotglued some cardboard to form the top of the box shell and line it up a little bit with the design cues they made in the trunk. I don't plan on it blending in entirely, but I don't want it looking shoddy. Soaked the cardboard with resin and then laid a few layers over it. I now am passing out and will edit the post as I move further along the installation process.

If it picks up steam I'll add pictures of extraneous things like the brushes and the cuts I made to the box afterwards so I could do some mild error corrections.

This is how it looks so far.
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