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Running B21a Engine

Hey, I bought a 90 lude 6 months ago, did full body job, pulled the b21a for a rebuild. Bought a full gasket and seal kit as well as a timing bet and water pump. realized the car had fucked motor mounts. I bought a k20z3 full swap for cheap and cant use any of the b21a running engine or parts. asking 500 bucks for the entire swap, only good to someone with a third gen with good motor mounts. selling everything including the new rebuild parts to keep another lude on the road.

-Engine and transmission
-Complete Ac setup
-Intake & exhaust & clutch flywheel
-Axles (original)
Power steering Pump
Shift cables & Brackets
Shifter assembly
Timing Belt water pump (New part, New in box)
Full Seal kit, Head gasket included (New Part in plastic wrap)
There are a few more parts not listed as well.
asking 500 for everything, But make me an offer.
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