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This has been a curiousity for the 3rd community:

*Note: Street racing is not promoted, this was simply a spur of the moment comperative research project opportunity and both parties involved did use caution when testing this theory out.
It was ensured this was not on a used street and no where near any housing, intersections, pedestrians, pets, etc....
Please do not attempt this anywhere!!!

So it has always been a contentious debate about what will a B20a5 vs H23a Non-Vtec race be like.

Well lets find out.

Subject A = B20a5
Subject B = H23a swapped

Subject A and B roll to an undisclosed back road with no traffic or houses, just open field and its a sparcely light road. It is about a 1 mile straight road and pretty flat.

Subject A and B line up, Subject A and B go from a dig and off Subject A and B go...1st 2nd 3rd 4th...

From the dig Subject B pulled on Subject A 2-3 cars.

Subject A and B turn around and setup to go back, off Subject A and B go but this time Subject B miss shift's 3rd and Subject B stays with, Subject B gets it in 3rd and Subject A and B are neck and neck, then 4th and slowly Subject B pull's but very slowly. Subject B win's on all 4 next try's.

So here is what Subject A and B discovered:

1. Subject B suck's at shifting, need's practice
2. Even with Subject B sucky shifting, Subject B walk's Subject A all the time.
3. Even in the middle of 3 mishifts Subject B stay's with Subject A and then pull's away.
4. The B20a5 can stay head to head from 3rd-4th with a mishift, but it will slowly walk away.
5. From a theoretical perspective I conclude that with the B21a1 bore of 83mm on the B20a5 and B21a1 pistons it will be a close race, but the in the end the H23 still walks away.

Subject A noticed right away once we both caught traction which was almost always the same time, that Subject B pulled faster and keep on going.
But Subject B kept mis-shifting to 3rd which in that half second is enough for Subject A to catch up, but once Subject B get's in gear, Subject B start's to pull away.

The H22 will be much different because once vtec kicks in, it pulls faster and harder.

It was a great experiement, and it was finally put it to rest, for those who go H23a1 non vtec, it is still a great motor.

Subject B would shift at 6800-7000 each time for those who wanted to know.
Subject A is a much better shifter than Subject B, as Subject A races way more than Subject B, Subject B is just the casual step on the pedal type of driver.

We will try this experiment again at some point with a camera for video documentation.

Here were the specs between both 3rd gens:

90Si 4WS pulled the spoiler - B20a5 long intake, straight pipe exhaust, with OEM header. 215/40/16 - lowered on Civic front springs all around, but cut some off the front springs, and stock shocks.

90Si 4WS with spoilier- H23a non vtec - short ram intake, 2.25" catback with a cat. 205/40/17 - Ksport Kontrol Pros - AZ Traction Bar

Just thought you would all like to know the outcome of a real world competition between two equal ludes relatively with two different motors.
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