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Ok not sure what happened to the ARP Head Stud thread we had many years ago when Steve(Motoxxxman) dumped a lot of information on here, but here is an updated thread that I will add to my sticky in the FAQ section under "--3rd Gen Performance Upgrade Inventory--".

For replacing the factory head studs with better hardware for upgrading for high NA or Boosted applications specifically for the B20a5/B21a1


This kit has not been released yet.(per the site as of this posting)

Head Stud Kit
Honda/Acura 2.0L (B20A5)
Kit #: 208-4703

Part numbers that make up this kit if you have to purchase only the individual parts:

Part numbers and cost estimates are:
2 off *ATP7.675-1LUB $17.00 each
8 off ATP6.350-1LUB $13.05 each
10 off 7/16 12pt nuts $1.86 each
10 off 7/16 washers $0.80 each
All in USD

Some old threads regarding these parts:

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