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Ok not sure what happened to the ARP Head Stud thread we had many years ago when Steve(Motoxxxman) dumped a lot of information on here, but here is an updated thread that I will add to my sticky in the FAQ section under "--3rd Gen Performance Upgrade Inventory--".

For replacing the factory head studs with better hardware for upgrading for high NA or Boosted applications specifically for the B20a5/B21a1


This kit has not been released yet.(per the site as of this posting)

Head Stud Kit
Honda/Acura 2.0L (B20A5)
Kit #: 208-4703

Part numbers that make up this kit if you have to purchase only the individual parts:

Part numbers and cost estimates are:
2 off *ATP7.675-1LUB $17.00 each
8 off ATP6.350-1LUB $13.05 each
10 off 7/16 12pt nuts $1.86 each
10 off 7/16 washers $0.80 each
All in USD

Some old threads regarding these parts:


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I had ARP studs in my B20A block/B21 head, but that was before the kit was available. They took some dimensions and got me studs. The 2 centers were too long so they took them back and cut them down so they would clear the camshafts. Glad to see they're supporting the 3rd gen.

Ha, found the post.
I had to send them back to ARP...
the studs were WAY too the non threaded part of the stud was sticking out over the top of the head bolt holes too long :| jay coombes at ARP.
part numbers are ATP7.675-1LUB
.120" had to be removed from the top of the studs (these are the long 2 in the middle.) ARP did this for me.
short studs are ATP6.350-1LUB
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