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Hi my name is Dave.

I was first introduced to the Prelude game by my cousin who had a red 5th gen back then in 2001, I was 11.

Just one ride in his car and it changed my mind, I instantly became the car addict that I am now. Over time I started to get interest into the 4th gen.
Then I got my license and had money for a Lude. Though I couldn’t find any clean lude locally, because the 4th gen is over 15 years old and Canada’s car are rusted to death because of winter and salt.

So, in 2007, I bought a clean 98 DC2 integra rs. I just started to mod the integra, but only 4 month after, the car got stolen…and I bought a civic ek coupe as a daily driver to replace it.
One year later, I started to look for a lude locally again and I finally found one that was worth it. No rust, the owner had it for 11 years, not winter driven, 185k km on the clock, almost un-modded exept for some altezza tails, riced 17’s wheels and chrome tint windows…and old momo pedals and shifter yuck.

It ended up that the mechanic of the car was in bad shape; engine was knocking (H23) and suspension components feel old , crusty and direction was loose.

I own my lude since 5 years now and I modded it over the year the best I could.

Here is the part mod list:


96 SRV front leather seats
96 SRV rear leather seats
96 SRV rear seats divider
96 SRV leather door inserts (front +rear)
96 SRV center leather console + relocated e-brake
SRV 96 EL cluster
Skunk2 shift knob
OEM Type R shift knob stiched leather
Ubber rare 92-93 tweeter fog switch
Custom painted headliner + c-pillar+sunvisor
Oem dash cover
OEM prelude black carpets


ZEAL(ENDLESS) coilover (like the JUN lude lmao)
SPC camber kit (front+rear)
MEGAN racing rear toe kit front torque bar with adjustable caster
Energy black Poly front swaybar bushing+link kit

Wheels + tires

Volk Racing 16x8 +35 wheels around (made a honda tuning front page feature on a silver 96 Si)
BFG KDW 225/45/16 all around


96 Vtec front caliper
Hawk HP+ brake pads
Brembo plain disc
EARLS SS brake lines
Blue dot fluid (something like that -_-)


F20B blue top Manual version (swapped) converted to OBD2..meanwhile
Type S air intake + custom 45* flange to fit 62mm TB
Vibrant new Tri-y headers 2.5"
Mandrel bent magnaflow exhaust line 2.5" + single 2.5” tip
Type R oild cap (dress up) Traction bar with front torque mount all 3 poly engine mounts
Home made cooling plate
Mishimoto Radiator + mishimoto cap


T2T4 LSD from accord Sir-T
Exedy stage 1 organic clutch
JTC short shifter
Shayspec solid bushing plate and left-right solid bushing


JDM black housing one piece headlights
Retrofitted black housing E46 shrouds (Thanks Campbell)
JDM intersection light + harness
Hollowed nostrils + dipped black
EDM window visors (or them from UK...)
JDM yellow fog lights
Modded OEM rear taillights with clear altezza turn signal
Dipped fog light covers
EDM rear lip
Shaved rear sides markers (like jdm rear bumper)
Value sport type 2 sides skirts
Sides skirts skid plate front & rear Apexmen spec
Value sports type 3 decklid wing
Shaved Honda badge on the rear trunk
Shaved Sr logo
Dipped black front Honda badge
Dipped black prelude badge
Kaminari front lip
OEM antenna plug

Stuff to come

-H23a swap
-Brand new seals and gasket
-Oil cooler kit
-Battery relocate
-Relocate fuse box in the glove box
-Wire worx harness
-rywire charge harness (quick disconnect)
-Wire-worx ground kit
-Rywire rad chrome overflow tank
-chipped P28 ecu
-Dyno tune
-Euro R intake (ported 68mm)
-68 mm TB
-Rosko fuel rail
-RDX injector
-Braided fuel line
-AEM fuel pressure regulator + gauges
-Prelude S prop valve (non-abs)
-ABS delete
-Cruise control delete
-EGR & IACV delete
-Custom fiberglass air duct to connect on type s intake
-Vibrant 2.5’’ twin tip flat black muffler
-Energy urethane pro-bushing kit
-Suspension technique rear sway bar + urethane bushing

Some pics of the day when I got it 3 years ago.

It was a little ricy so I changed things during the summer just after to end up with this:

Im kinda in a hurry this morning..Update later!

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yes, that car was heading down the wrong road. thank God you saved it. that thing is sooo clean. is that original paint?

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Nop! It was redone by the previous owner like 6-7 years agot but I plan to have it redone soon! It got some rust on the top near back window and on the side. Of the quarter pannel where the window is too..and inside when you open the sunroof but not that much!

Aniway I got that full CF roof that I bought from kevprelude for that purpose!

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Okay some updates...

I changed the ITR's...I sold them and I still have my 25mm spacer if someone is interested (Bolt on and they're eibach or H&R)

Got these from a budd:

Last year I installed those..along with an Ingall camber kit..!

I lost the pic before the zeal but oh well....

Some pics with wheel and zeal:

Then I got the JDMshit aka Sp00n front lip:

Also got this but not installed...! (Sanded down a little)

Im kind of lucky begot I have the brackt with it!!


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Oh and I also got my Jdm fog to actually work..

It was quite a bitch since I have a wrong relay plugged in and found out that it was the problem!! And I got the Tweeter switch since I have a 92.
Also had Hyper yellow day light bulb.

And since my cover valve was leaking a litttle I got these:xmas::

Oh and this is comming from England( had it cut in 2 to save on shipping:?)

(Image as a reference since my lip is new)!

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shoulda kept the original wheels it came with and the tail lights. :pokerface:

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hey pokerface, you got your car raised yet?

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I did the console swap too...


Had some wiper problems...the garage made me buy a new motor..didnt solve the problem..I did some test and seems like the switch is shorting..grounding and causing the fuse to blow up...

Did some wrapping..

Swapped some leather front seat in to complete the 96 bsrv interior...

One of the seat cushion had scars and shit...took it apart..and tie-rapped it back.


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Headers were installed at the end of the last summer!

Vtec crossover sound have changed..way easier to if it was popping

Since my type s intake wasnt hermetic..I was loosing air and hearing it whistle all the I made this:

Also made a cooling plate that I drawed on autocad and all -_-


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Got this from a friend! It was hanging on an old dismantled dash in a container, along with a fuel gauge temp!!

Cant wait to install this bad boy!

Meanwhile the car is in storage...cant wait for March 28th!!

Pics before the storage:As you can see, EDM window visors were installed too!

Sleeping -_-

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My beautifull underdash...door too was discusting...

And then..the whole RAT-NESS..not harness..was removed!

That thing was pulling alot of juice from the electric system -_- Now windows rolls up and down like a champ, they were slow as hell before,,thought my electric window motor was dead.

The electric tech said he never seen such a big rat ness! The shit was even under the door sill pannel!!
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