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Not as bad as i made it sound in the tittle but im swaping a b21a1 with a b20a5 and i was pulling the (LAST F#*KING) nut off the bottom of the ex manifold and it gets tight so i tightin it back up and spray it with wd40
and try it again and it go's a bit more .I did this for about 20 mins it helped but after 20 mins my arm was tired so i turned it till it got tight again and then pushed with my foot and it seemed like it was working and i turned it for a few mins and it was not coming off just spining
i fucking striped it so now i have to find a way to cut it or just snap it off. if anyone has an ideas shoot them my way my rad is out so i got a bit of room.

thanks ya'all

so now im taking a brake and going to see the strippers (hell ya )
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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