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*Update- So I've had no responses so far. Here's the order of operations i've done to give more info to anyone that can help.
1. Checked Terminals at the bettery and cleaned away all corosion using water and baking soda mixture and a towel.
2. Tried to jump the battery, the first time worked. Drove the car around for 10 min and came back to my house. Turned off the car and tried to restart it on it's own and would not start.
3. Tried to jump the battery again and would no longer hold a charge.
4. Took battery to parts store, tested, and found it was a bad battery.
5. Put new battery in car, still wouldnt start.
6. Jump started car with new battery, car would run but when the headlights were turned on, the car cut out. Also tried jumping the car again after and as soon as the cables were removed from my car the car would cut off again.

This all leads me to believe the alternator is shot. My dad said it could be possible to change out the voltage regulator on the alternator and that could very well be the problem. I looked in the manual and the VR is located inside the unit. Has anyone ever tried to change that out? or does everyone just go buy a new alternator. I know if I take it to the store to get tested and they find the alternator is bad I'll just have to buy a new one anyway.

I assume it can be done because i think i found the part through autozone's webpage. Though it isnt in stock and doesnt have a listing price.

I am going to pop out the alternator now and then update again. If anyone has any insight it would be greatly appreciated, otherwise I will continue to keep everyone updated.

Took the alternator in.. its busted. time to get another one
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