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Hey guys

i did do a search and found very little, i guess understandable coz if most ppl are gonna do an engine swap they aim for something a little more extreme :p but im facing a little dilemma...if ude hear me out

in australia...same as practically everywhere now :p lead replacment fuels are gone, and ive got a 84 prelude, which still runs on the stuff, now the heads practically dead in the old girl, and of coarse i could do it up, but ide much prefer to convert it over to unleaded simply cause its gonna be worth it in the end and also this means i can do a few other things in the process

ive got a turbo sitting here ready to go on her :p but i never put it on cause the engines kinda getting a bit tired, so what im wanting to do, is drop my twin carb ET out, and bolt up an Si A20

i can pick one up pretty cheap with harness and ecu, and im a mechanic so ill rebuild it and strengthen it for the turbo while its out, also being fuel injected i got a bit more chance then the old carby setup :p

i know u need another fuel tank, and ive been told that theirs 2 gearboxes and one of em wont fit (im assuming what ever is strapped to the back of the ES's is the one that wont bolt up coz their the older boxes) and so fourth, but more i just dont want the hassles of fabricating s**t up and so fourth, if its gonna be a close to drop in ill seriously consider it

i know the A20's were on the other chassis which is why im wondering if the mounts are similar and so fourth

any help would be greatly appreciated and also, im pretty sure its only the ET2 where u can bolt the A20 heads on...which would be another option, but if u could correct me if im right

very much appreciated


P.S...sorry also i do understand its a pig of a job to put the F.I harness in...but as dodgy as it seems, ide keep the original harness in there...lob off all the engine plugs and tape em up, so i dont need to worry about headlights and practically every other periferal in the car, and ide get the ecu harness, again lob off all the auxillary plugs not related to the engine, and just run that seperate harness souly for the engine....i know its not perfect, but it would work, and its still gonna look semi ways....thx again guys
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