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Hey Prelude family,

Recently purchased a gem of a Prelude and I wanted to join a few forums and share my purchase as well as seek advice. I was originally looking for a '02 or '03 BMW 540i M-sport. But then I ran across a craigslist ad that sounded a little too good to be true. Got a hold of the owner and he was far from your average craigslist seller. First off he posted one of the most thorough ads I've ever seen! All maintenance history, tons of pictures, and carfax! So here's what I got...

Red 1998 Honda Prelude Type SH with 81,xxx mi. The best part... 100% bone stock (even the original stereo)! That makes it a unicorn as far as I'm concerned. So I'll be honest, I might have overpaid a little for it ($7500). But it literally needs almost nothing.

In the last 5000 mi it has had the following maintenance:

-New brake pads and rotors
-New Bridgestone RE760's (less than 500mi on them when I bought it).
-Timing belt and water pump
-New windshield (original had a bunch of rock chips)
-Valve adjustment
-Balance shaft belt adjustment
-balance shaft seal, cam shaft seals, valve cover gasket, oil cooler housing all replaced
-ATTS unit serviced(it works flawlessly)
-Throttle body service

Plus a few things I may have forgotten.

It does have a few issues that I want to address.

There's a small leak where the windshield meets the roof. Living in SoCal the previous owner never noticed and I didn't think this would be much of an issue but then El Nino reared it's ugly head. It's not a terrible leak but the interior is immaculate and I want to keep it that way.

The windows have zero tinting and summers in San Diego get really hot. That will be addressed soon (probably after my wedding and honeymoon in a few weeks).

There is that classic Prelude thump going over bumps so I'll probably go through the suspension and replace all the bushings. I'm thinking I will go with OEM bushings with the inserts (any suggestions would be appreciated). I love the combination of handling and COMFORT so I don't want to sacrifice that balance just yet. I have a Protege5 that I'm thinking about making my auto-x project so I'll throw performance parts at that car and leave the 'lude relatively stock.

Coming from the Protege5 the Prelude feels like a rocket ship. Also, knowing that the H22A doesn't respond well to HP upgrades makes me feel like keeping power output stock will keep me more than satisfied.

Although it was garaged for about half of its life, the red pain has started fading. I'll consider a paint job in about a year or two if the paint's condition really starts to decline. Any recommendations for paint and body shops in SD?

I plan on making minor upgrades as parts need replacing. This car was respected and well cared for throughout its lifetime and I want to carry on the torch. It will be sharing time with the Protege5 and I have a 3 mile commute to work so I don't think I'll be racking up tons of miles.

This is actually my third prelude. First one was crashed into by some idiot while parked and totaled. The second developed a knock a few months after I bought it from some kid. Big mistake! I hope the third time is a charm.

Any suggestions on trustworthy San Diego Honda shops would also be appreciated. I'll upload some photos soon as I get the chance. So glade to be back in a Prelude!

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I would go for an energy suspension poly bushing kit. They're much more durable than the standard Honda rubber. I doubt it would affect overall ride-feel too much. (Aside from bringing it back up to stock-ish feel).

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If the paint is only faded grab a bottle of this stuff and soft rags. I've not used it with a buffer because even hand buffing it does a hell of a job. Obviously follow it up with a good wax.
As a bonus if your headlights are hazed over it works on them. Here is the difference in hand buffing on junk yard lights.

Do reading on the urethane bushings. I see a lot of bad on them. I don't know if it is only in some bushings or all. I know they suck in bicycle suspension. I'll probably stick with OEM or a aftermarket OEM style. If urethane was that good honda would use it.

I put the bushing dimensions in my recent suspension thread that were in my SH. I tossed em in the lathe and shaved some off but unfortunately there is still a knock in the rear and I'm not sure that is even the source. I've started looking at other sources.
They salted the roads recently so my car is garaged until we get some good rains to wash that crap off the roads.
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