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Hey guys I have a 97 prelude base h22a4 auto all stock never had work on it and I bent the valves and have scorched pistons, lucky me right? I'm planning on swapping the motor to a JDM h22a and was wondering what all I need to do besides pull the motel and put the other one in. My original plan was to rebuild it bUT I moved to ND 2 1/2 years a go and nobody in the state will even touch the sleeves so my cars been sitting since thanksgiving.
Do I need to get a different ECU?
-is so do I need to get it tuned?
Can I use the same motor mounts?
If the new motor comes with everything do I need to swap anything from the onld motor to the other?
What are general difficulties that come with the swap?

Thank you to any and everyone who can help
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