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I have for sale a set of Used Innovative Polyurethane (75A stiffness) Engine Mounts for a 5th Gen prelude, they have just under 15k miles on them and are in good shape. They do have some cosmetic wear marks on the metal and some impressions on the polyurethane where the bolts where torqued down, please refer to the pictures:

(These fit 97 thru 2001 SH and Base model preludes, auto or manual)
According to the site, they they also fit the F series engines in either manual or auto configurations respectively. See here:

I would like $150 for for the lot, this includes the bracket for the drivers side, the drivers side mount itself with the bolt, the rear mount and passenger side mount (there is no front mount included with the kit, I just kept the OEM mount on the front). The Innovative Kits can be had brand new off of eBay for 235$ to 250$ depending on who you purchase from so I think this is a fair price for the miles considering poly should last even longer then rubber mounts. I am located in Arizona and Will ship via USPS flat rate shipping at no additional charge anywhere in the USA. I will accept Paypal only please.

Other things to note: These have a little under 15k miles on them, I had them installed on my original H22A4 and while doing my swap to an H22A I found an amazingly good deal on a complete set of OEM mounts so I went back to rubber. These Poly mounts do cause a fair bit more vibrations then rubber mounts do particularly at idle so be warned if you can't stand vibrations these are probably not for you. Although most of the vibes can be eliminated with proper installation following the manuals torque procedures. Do your research, there are tons of threads on this. And to reiterate these are the 75A stiffness which is probably the best option overall as far as not being too stiff nor too soft.

Please reply here or PM me if you are interested. Thanks for looking.
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