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Recently i have received a lot of questions related to nitrous, specifically the install. Its defiantly not hard, I'd say about a 4/10.

**DISCLAIMER** I am NOT responsible for you blowing up your car because you dont know how to install a nitrous kit.....its YOUR responsibility to make sure YOU do it correctly....

Things you will need:

Obviously your nitrous kit:

-Jets (fuel and nitrous)
-Nitrous Feed Line (Bottle to Solenoid)
-Solenoid to jet SS Braided lines
-fuel feed line (fuel source to solenoid)
-Cheap-o switch from autozone
-button OR full throttle switch
-extra wiring
-drill bit and tap to match the threads on the Nozzle
-about 2-3 hours

ok now to start it off, i didnt install a kit while explaining this write up, my kit is already installed, and i will give you instructions on how I installed my kit(with Pictures).

Step 1:
Decide where your going to mount/place your solenoids. I decided to mount them under the fuse box. though you can mount them anywhere you want.

-To get the fuse box out of the way, remove the cover.
-then remove 1 10mm bolt holding it down, and push toward the rear of the car on the 2 tabs at the back of the fuse box, and lift up at the same should be removable now.(you might need to take off some connectors on the side of the fuse box as well, mine are tucked away)

Step 2:

Route your main Nitrous Feed line to the solenoid location
I routed mine through the rear ash tray, through the center console, behind the ECU, and up through the firewall

Step 3:
run your wiring: make sure you disconnect the battery first!!
i got my 12v source from the fuse box and this is how i wired my system in. (in the diagram i forgot to mention i put an inline fuse inbetween the switch and battery/12v source, just for safe measure

my 12v source

this is where my switch is

and the full throttle switch

after the system is wired in, before you hook up you fuel lines, turn the car on and give power to the system. Press down on your full throttle switch and listen for the solenoids clicking.....if you dont here them click, you have a problem.

Step 4:
take off your intake and decide where your nozzle placement will be: i put mine on under the first bend on the intake off the throttle body (about 6" from the throttle body Butterfly)

drill and tap where your going to put it, i chose to jb weld mine in because the nozzle would move around otherwise.

Step 5:
Run your fuel feed line to your fuel solenoid IN.
this is tricky, there are MANY MANY ways you can do this. I decided to get a couple of fittings, a 90* male male, a 90* female male, and an open ended banjo bolt. where did i get the banjo and the 90* female male???? I bought a cheep ass fuel pressure gauge and it came with it!! I just had to go to a shop to get a custom SS line made to run from the rail to the solenoid. IIRC 24". Another alternative fuel source is on top of the fuel filter.

Step 6:

Run the lines from your solenoids to the nozzle, i just went to a local performance shop that stocks SS lines and grabbed a couple of 2' ones.

Step 7:
make sure you used teflon tape on all the fuel side fittings, just for safe measure. turn your key to the "on" position to check for any leaks in the fuel system

also, hook up your bottle and turn on the nozzle to your bottle to make sure there are no leaks in your nitrous lines.

Step 8:
make sure you have the correct jets for the shot you are wanting to spray, i use this program to make sure my jetting is correct.

this is regarding INSTALLING nitrous, if you have any questions regarding what jetting you should run, what plugs, stuff like that, go here:


and let me know if i need to change/reword/add/delete anything :thumbup: :thumbup:

happy tunning, Jared :hugs:

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Good write up. :emthup:

I should be installing a zex wet kit in the next few days.
Perfect timing for this write up.

I think this should be stickies in the Nitrous section.

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Good write up. :emthup:

I should be installing a zex wet kit in the next few days.
Perfect timing for this write up.

I think this should be stickies in the Nitrous section.
x2 on the sticky!!!

I have a question about the full throttle switch. How is that actually installed? Do i have to purchase that seperately or does that come with all wet kits?

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i have an AEM fuel rail and it had a port on it for something like this. Other then that awesome write up!
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