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Dead mint 92-93 OEM nostrils with its frame came off JDM BB1 nose cut I just bought but I have no use to it. I have hallowed nostrils and azect eyelids myself.
Asking $65 shipped via priority mail thru USPS with tracking number up to 48 states.


Up for sale is EDM switch panel to hold your any switches for your 92-93 long sex blocker console. It will replace your storage bay (whatever it call lol) Good for anyone who need more switches for fogs, rear fogs, jdm dimmer switch or whatever. Asking $25 shipped thru priority mail via USPS with tracking number.

Rare 92-93 two lines leather inserts. It have a mirror slot for 92-93 prelude only. Some of it could use reglue but other than that, good condition! Asking $65 shipped thru standard post via USPS with tracking number. Pretty good price for whole rare leather inserts.

Up for sale is a set of JDM one pieces black housing headlights for 92-96 prelude. It come with all bulbs, sockets, connectors and its wirings. (Low/high beam and signal corners bulbs) also it come with black covers. Keep in mind, this headlight was retrofitted with dual TSX projectors but I already swap everything from another JDM one pieces back to OEM reflector bowls. Please take a good look at the pics really careful to understand its condition. There are few things you need to know.
1) back of the circle housings upper where the bulbs goes in are cut due to fit my TSX projectors but it will not be VISIBLE if you put the black covers on it UNLESS you plan to retrofit TSX projectors then easy for you!
2) some wear on driver side lense (inside?) but no damage to outside. No chip or crack!
3) driver side has a lower broken tab but the rest are good which it'll hold very tight anyway.
That's it. Asking $200 shipped thru standard post via USPS with tracking number and will add $200 value insurance up to 48 states. Iwill have it very well packed with heavy bubble wraps and etc to prevent damage.

PS: take a good look at the pics really careful.

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