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91 Prelude Will Not Crank

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Hi Everyone,
91 Prelude SI 4WS has been in storage for awhile but I always start and drive it a few miles periodically to keep everything functioning properly. However, when I went to start it this week the starter would not crank as if the starter might be bad. Everything else looked normal as far as lights etc. when turning the key.

Using the wiring diagram and multi-meter I found that everything checked out good except there was no ground at the clutch interconnect switch circuit for the starter relay. I initially thought it might be a open wire or a bad switch but it turned out not to be electrical at all. It was mechanical.

The plastic stopper pad on the clutch pedal that is supposed to actuate the switch had deteriorated and fallen apart leaving the hole where the plastic pad snaps in. With the plastic stopper pad missing, the switch plunger goes right through the hole when the the clutch pedal is depressed, not actuating the clutch interconnect switch resulting in No Crank.

I fabricated a replacement pad out of phenolic material about 1/8" thick I had in the shop and glued with goop to the location where the plastic pad had been. You can buy generic replacement plastic pads on line for $6-$15 but I didn't want to wait and didn't really want to spend the $6-$15. ihave Replacement For 2x Brake Clutch Pedal Stop Pad Plastic Stopper Accord Civic Prelude 46505-SA5-000 : Automotive

As shown below, there are two other of these plastic pads on the brake and clutch pedals that contact and actuate other switches. See Item #10 and #11 in illustration as an example. These are very visible towards the bottom of the pedals but the one for the clutch interconnect switch is higher up/above the ones shown and is not as visible. You can see the switch up there but the area where the plastic pad is on the pedal is not as easy to see. It is not shown in this illustration but if you feel around up near where the switch is you can tell if the pad is there or if there is a hole where the pad is supposed to be.

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Good solution. I JB welded a rubber disc I had laying around the pedal shaft when that happened to me a few years ago. It's still working for my son now that he has that car.
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