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90 SI 2.1 For sale, Bakersfield, CA (TRADE ONLY)

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Decent Condition 90 2.1Si, Interrior is good speakers don’t work, Just fixed a coolant leak but in turn destroyed the fuckin block, east fix though it’s just the cam cap, Other than that from what i can tell car is mechanically good, check engine light is on for IACV, i have a good replacement part just too lazy to put it in. Previous owner was a bone head and there’s a bunch of missing screws n shit so be prepared to find missing/out of place shit.
He snapped the middle valve cover bolt so it shoots a little oil nothing enough to effect anything level is good. Oil change required soon in about 500 miles. I just changed the transmission fluid and brake fluid. Car is a beauty and i just can’t afford to fix it rn or have the time and am looking for something more reliable, Car Truck or Motorcycle i’ll trade.

Contact: 661-401-0758, IG: @respectflly
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The body and engine damage totaled the car. To a buyer who can rebuild engines, it's worth more than what a junkyard would give for it.
the engine damage is completely fixable, just need a b21 for the parts, none of the actual block was cracked just the part where the dizzy mounts to the top, it’s just a replacement, body damage is nothing it’s just a panel replacement as well as the light damage
You did a lot of damage to your car. I can tell the engine is fucked and the frame is slightly tweaked just from the pictures you showed. I know if I started taking things apart I'd find more problems. Good luck, I'm curious what you end up selling it for.
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