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Hello folks, I've been lurking the forums for sometime now learning about my car. Finally made an account, now that I'm gonna start putting work into my 'Lude.
I wanna share my progress and be able to make things easier for newcomers. I'm probably gonna tackle changing the timing belt, water pump, and a/c first before I touch the tranny (and when I say a/c I mean the whole shebang. gonna flush that hoe out and replace everything that's broken). Still though, I found a D2J5 on JDM Engine Zone for like $399 (which sounds pretty fair to me). It has the D2J5 sticker on it, but it's a JDM tranny. They wrote B20A on the damn thing. I have to B20A5 under my hood. Will the JDM tranny work with my US model? Is JDM Engine Zone a reputable company?
I plan on buying it and doing the swap sometime in September or October after I buy the proper tools to do the swap myself. Either my dad or my friend are gonna help me out with the project and we're all mechanically inclined so it should be a fairly easy task. Then I'll rebuild the D2J3 and throw in an LSD, turbo my B20A5, 4ws convert the 'Lude, and throw some Integra rims >:) but now I'm getting ahead of myself. lmao

So will the tranny work?
The car is all stock and I've had to replace a grip of parts over the past three years so I'm gonna replace the clutch and flywheel while I'm at it.
It may sound like a lot of work and a lot of money to some people. Sure, I can sell it and get a 4ws model, but I've driven around my desert town practicing my technique. I've chilled with it in the mountains of Big Bear and the outskirts of the High Desert and I've written some of my best rhymes in that car. It's pretty much an extension of myself at this point. I got this car to learn how to drive stick and now it's MY car, you feel me? There are only three 'Ludes where I live. I red one, a yellow one, and now my white one and we're all 3rd gen.

Anyhoo, here's my little ghost car.


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Any JDM B20a or B21a motors and transmission work. You just have to use the proper clutch and pressure plate that go with the perspective transmission.

B20a5/4/6/7/9 all are the same block as the B20a.
B21a1 is the only variant of the JDM B21a block.

Nothing else in the Honda line will bolt up to the B20a or B21a1 motors.
There is one B20a of the same era that was in the Accords, but it is not the same block as the B20a/5 variant in our chassis, which is why we call our blocks Bastar B's.

It shares nothing with any other Honda motor.
Only way to use other motors is with my swap kits specifically -

Here is a picture of the differences of B-Series vs our bastard B's. B20b/z on the left and B20a5/a1 on the right:

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