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Under Hood
JDM H22A swap
JDM LSD Transmission
Gladman short throw shifter (backwards shift pattern do to keeping the third Gen. shifter. I have a 4th gen shifter if you want to convert)
DC Sports header
AZ Race motor mounts
Smaller Unorthodox crank pulley
Custom cold air intake
Newer distributor
New alternator
2 10″ slim fans on radiator
Relocated coolant reservoir (smaller reservoir from a geo)
Relocated battery location to trunk
2 swappable mufflers. Aerospeed dual (fits beautifully in the exhaust cutout), or use the stock muffler. Connected via Flange w/ gasket.
Working power steering. High pressure lines from h22 to stock 89 line were fabricated together.
A/C. Yes it has A/C! Utilizes the 89 compressor and mounts to the H22 via a custom made compressor bracket. Fit’s great other than some slight modifications made to the top of the A/C Compressor so the Alternator would fit.
Front S to Si Break Swap
Slotted Rotors (forget what kind of pads but good semi metallic) — Great stopping power
Goodridge break lines (rears not yet installed)
KSPORT Coilovers (Very adjustable)
Whiteline anti-sway bars front and back
Gladman Strut bars front and back
AZ Race traction bar
Polly urethane bushings ALL around. (Super Pro and Orion) Fronts/Backs/Uppers/Lowers/Inners/Ect. (Rides stiff but handles GREAT!)
LudeSpeed Camber correction Kit (not many Ludes around anymore with this solid heavy duty kit)
Enkie RP02 alum 16" rims. NOT the gunmetal colored rims in some of the pictures. Those were sold.
2 New tires – Front (2 Need replaced – Rear)
Custom made fiberglass sub box that fits in the spare tire space for 2 8″ subs. Spot for amplifier. Everything is hidden so it looks like a normal trunk.
JL Audio 8″ Subs
Higher End Rockford Fosgate receiver that matches interior (2 Aux input options)
Majestic 300 watt amplifier (switch on dash to turn on/off)
Added second cigarette lighter (under dash passenger side)
Levoc shift knob
Custom pedal covers
Accent inter parts painted warm gray
Other Si Conversions
S to Si Wire harness Swap (complete car harness. Inside and out)
S to Si rearview mirrors
October 2008 Prelude of the Month on ( Scroll down on this site.
Extras (not installed)
Oil and Volt Gauges. These match the color of the interior and plans were to place where the dimmer switch, and head light popup switches are located
Extra full gauge bezel cut for the above gauges (would need to also slightly modify dash)
Brushed aluminum gauge bezel
Reverse glow gauges
Modified Spedo and tach needles to glow red. Fabricated red led lights to shin on luminescent gauge needles
Modified piece under steering wheel to relocate dimmer switch and headlight popup switch
I have “most” all parts to add automatic windows (Motors, tracks, and switches)
Like new windshield. I had another prelude that got stripped and ended up at the junkyard. It however had a brand new windshield so it was pulled and will be included. The current windshield is not cracked but has many chips that are annoying/distracting.
Fourth Gen shifter (included) if you want to convert to the standard H shift pattern
Many other plastic interior parts
95 Accord lip kit (in less than fair shape)
Other Things
Rear tires scrape on fender well. A good alignment with performance tires could fix (performance tires don’t bulge out). Otherwise, roll the fenders and/or raise the car.
Throwing two codes. One is the EGR and other only affects 90-91 ludes because 88-89 ludes do no contain the parts. (switch on dash to flash codes)
The body is in really good shape for an 89 prelude. It hasn’t totally escaped the common locations of rust at the rear fender wells and near the gas filler (it's still minimal). The car has been very well taken care of in that regards. I’ve given it lots of washings and waxings. I got the car in 99 and not long after that I had a daily driver so the prelude never saw snow let alone few outings in the rain. Before I owned the car it had gotten a new paint job (a little different than the stock prelude red). It has highway chips all along the front of the car. You’ll also notice few door dings. I didn’t ever get to focus on working on the body but I’d still have to say it’s in pretty darn good shape. It also has a spoiler.
Needs a battery.
I completed the H22A swap in 2008. The car ran great and I drove as long as the weather was nice for 3 years. Late fall of 2011 I heard a snap when took off from a stop. After that the car began to shake. It shakes more the faster your going. I’m not sure what is causing it and guessing it could be anything from the Axels, to Clutch, to Tranny. When in idol (and revving) the motor sounds good (no different that it use to). It only shakes when the wheels are moving.
There could be a coolant leak in the radiator or a hose (somewhere towards the front of the car). I know this because white smoke came from under the hood. On opening there was evidence of coolant which probably got on the exhaust manifold causing the smoke.


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Considering this is more than a year and a half old I'd say it's probably sold by now. It was a very good deal on a really nice 3rd.
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