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Okay. ignore the new account I've been here before but forgot my old password.

Anyways the fog lights don't work. I checked fuses, checked bulbs and they weren't black they looked new, connectors were NOT corroded or rusted, and I did the write-up on how to rewire the fog lights to come on, and they still refuse to work.

Now when I have my daytime running lights on or my low beams they do not turn on and I also do not hear my relay click on, which is what I have determined to be my god forsaken issue. So there is, from what I have heard, a relay behind the dash right after the switch, and then a relay where you access in the fog light writeup. Since I am hearing absolutely no click on the relay down by the footrest, I am assuming it must be the relay that is behind the switch causing me to fight this fight.

So to finally ask my question; how do I access this relay, and does anyone know what style it is, as in; is it a normal relay or another god forsaken one of a kind abomination?
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