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Hey guys,
I've been on the forum and I know there are a couple of write-ups on how to do this, but most of the links on the write-up are dead. I'm looking for a complete list of things I need to change for whole timing belt/crank pulley system. The only like that works is the one for the manual tension instead of the auto one that most kits come with.

Is this kit any use to me???

I personally use a Gates racing blue timing belt (and balance belt when I had one). Or Honda belts.
Always use a Honda auto tensioner and water pump.

If you don't plan on keeping the car long term, go for the aftermarket.

I'm about to do the job to my prelude too this is what i put together so far. Is there a reason you're changing the crank pulley? which reminds me to add a crank bolt to my list
That list you've started is basically replacing everything in the timing area - which isn't necessary.

14400-P13-014 Timing belt
13405-PT0-004 Balance belt
14520-P13-013 Auto tensioner
19200-P13-003 Water pump
90017-RJA-003 Crankshaft bolt (optional, I either add thread lock or replace depending on how it looks/ if it's been reused already)

^^ that is all you need for a timing belt service

If you've never had any oil seals replaced, it's recommend to replace them all while doing the timing service to save any future downtime/expense.

91213-PR3-004 Camshaft seals x2
91233-PT0-003 Front balance shaft seal
15114-PT0-003 Rear balance shaft seal
91212-PAA-A01 Front main seal
Front balance shaft seal retainer (if your car is a 97/98 and did not have the service bulletin done)

Overall, the job is easy. I'm sure there is a youtube video out there as well. Everything is the same as the manual tensioner conversion - just don't remove the idlers and install the manual tensioner related items, just install a new auto tensioner and make sure everything is torqued down to spec.

I've done many H22 timing belt jobs, just make sure you have the right tools for the job and the time in case you hit a snag. A torque wrench, camshaft gear holder and crank pulley holder are must haves.

You only need to replace any other bolts or timing cover gaskets if they are damaged.
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