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Heya guys,

Thought itd be fun to document and share my Prelude build since usually people swap H22s or H23s in, instead of my planned K24A3.

The car:

My Prelude is a 5th gen base model built in 2000. It currently has an F20A4 engine (SOHC, no VTEC, 133bhp). And is my daily driver currently. It currently has about 220k miles on it and has no rust issues beleive it or not. Currently i already swapped out the headlights for angel eyes, and put Koni Yellow struts with Ground Control springs on her. The color is Crystal Blue metallic.

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

The Engine

I bought a K24A3 from someone from Belgium who needed money to buy himself another car. The engine came mostly disassembled, with some new parts in boxes like ACL racebearings and new seals. The engine is the EU equivalent of the K24A2 with only minor differences. Stock the engine should produce 200bhp, is DOHC and has I-VTEC.
So far, i`ve taken everything apart and redid the valve seals and cleaned and reseated the valves. I also took the head to a machine shop to have the mating surface with the block leveled out (It was really bad according to the guy who did it). I also did some painting as you`ll see in the pictures below.
When taking this engine apart, apperantly it had a blown head gasket, and coolant had leaked onto one of the pistons

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Bumper Gas

The engine how i bought it. Not shown is the boxes of parts.

Wheel Motor vehicle Automotive tire Engineering Gas

Motor vehicle Tire Automotive tire Automotive design Wheel

The engine block fully disassembled

Sky Plant Building Fence Cloud

Light Black Gas Auto part Composite material

Painted the oil pan, fuel rail, an engine mount, and air intake

Wood Tool Automotive exterior Rim Bumper

Gas Machine Engineering Office equipment Cylinder

Previous owner had carefully engraved a honey comb structure into the valve cover. So i went with yellow as the color i wanted it to be. Spark plug cover is loosely mounted here just to see what it would look like.

Gas Automotive exterior Auto part Metal Font

Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Hood Automotive tail & brake light Bumper

Used ducttape to plug the holes and threads before taking it to someone to be sandblasted. I dont have a picture of it, but i did paint the engine in silver.

So thats the progress up untill now. I`ll keep updating this post as i progress. For now, im gonna try and find a machine shop who can hone the cylinder walls for me, and thouroughly clean it so theres no sandblast grit left anywhere.

Questions i still have:
The previous owner supplied K20A3 camshafts aswell as the K24A3 camshafts. He said he wanted to combine the camshafts and use one K20 cam and one K24 cam since one of the camshafts of the K20 is more aggressive than the K24 (cant remember if it was exhaust or intake cam). Is this a feasable combination?
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