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I am super new to PreludePower and any sort of forum as well. If I am posting about this topic incorrectly, please let me know. Thank you.

After looking around the site for quite a bit (maybe not enough who knows) for any sort of help on choosing and installing aftermarket steering wheels/boss kits for the 5th Gen and if they are compatible to either Base or SH, and seeing nothing but vagueness, I decided to just wing it and try something out. I wanted a different wheel than stock, or a S2000 or EP3 wheel. I wanted something lighter (and better looking IMO). I just didn't know where to start. I knew I needed some sort of boss hub/adapter, so I tried out a hub from Works Bell. I ended up getting a Works Bell Type 221 from RHDJapan for around $80 not including shipping. I also got a Polyurethane Personal Grinta 350mm (not that it matters too much, this thread is more about the hub itself.) I didn't know what to expect, like as in if it was going to fit or not. When it got here, me and one of my buddies got to work installing it. It was actually super straight-forward, thanks to these two videos:

(S/O @teq_sergio on IG!)

Basically it goes something like this:

Keep in mind I did this modification on a Type SH. It may or may not be different for a Base.

1. Disconnect battery for at least 15 minutes
2. MAKE SURE THE WHEEL IS STRAIGHT!! I cannot stress this enough, you do not want to mess up your alignment.
3. Pop off side covers on the wheel, right after steering column
4. Use a Torx T-30 key or socket to unbolt the airbag from the wheel
5. Go ahead and lift the airbag assembly from the wheel. It should dangle by 3 wires - airbag, horn, and CC. (This modification will leave you with NO CRUISE CONTROL.)
6. Unclip all 3 wires. Remember: the big green clip is CC, big yellow clip is airbag, and the smaller black clip is the horn.
7. Use a 14MM socket with a decent size ratchet to take out the center bolt. I recommend you have a buddy hold the wheel straight while you try to break the bolt loose.
8. Using the palm of your hand, smack the back of the wheel till it pops off. If it's really that hard, you can borrow a steering wheel puller from Autozone.
9. The Works Bell hub keeps the clock spring unlike some of the other NRG hubs I have seen. Thread the horn and airbag wires through the openings on the inside of the hub. I just tucked the CC wire into the space between the plastic cover of the hub and the metal part.
10. Slide the hub onto the splines then use the same center bold to tighten it down. WARNING: only tighten it down to around 3.5kg. (Basically just over finger tight) The reason it's so little is because the hub is engineered that any more will break it.
11. The WB hub comes with 3 wires: The horn button wire and the SRS light cancellor, then another one I am not so sure about. Feel free to educate me on it :). They are both inserted back-probe style into the horn and airbag clips. The airbag one only has one male end, with the other side having nothing there. Insert it into the clip. Same thing with the horn button one.
12. I then used the supplied tapered bolts and hex key to bolt down the wheel to the hub.
13. After that, take the other male end of the horn button and slide it into the female port on the rear of your horn button. My Personal wheel came with a Nardi style one. Yours may be different.
14. Then, slide the horn button into the center of the hub. Make sure it's centered well so it doesn't look off. If you have a smaller horn button, you can use the supplied center retainer ring that WB provides in their kits. I didn't need to because my Nardi style button fit perfectly.
15. Go ahead and reconnect the battery. Test the horn and see if the SRS light comes on. If it does, I'd check to see if you pushed the male end in all the way in.
16. Congrats! You now have a much more aesthetically pleasing interior and a much lighter wheel, not to mention no SRS light, a working horn, and guess what: The turn signals still cancel! Go you!

TL;DR: Use a Works Bell Type 221 boss hub if you want to run a aftermarket wheel on your 'Lude!

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I’m confused on how to wire the horn? I also have a WB kit and a Nardi wheel. Which wire provided by WB is for the horn?
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