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I acquired myself a Prelude few weeks ago. Now im planning to do some tune-up before using my heavy righ leg. I cant find any Prelude manual about F20A4 engine.

Valve clearance
Yesterday i adjusted my F20A4 Prelude engine valve clearance to its manual values in Accord manual: Inlet 0,25mm, Exhaust 0,30. After that the engine started to make valve slack "rattling" noise. When engine is at its normal operating temperature it doesnt rattle, but is a lot of louder than before. I did the adjustment with engine temperature appr. 5...10 degrees Celsius. Was that too cold? Before adjusting it it had almost zero clearance, that could not be a factory setting, or could it?

Liquid sealant
Some ingenious-self-deployed-inventor decided to seal rockercover leaking seal with liquid sealant. Now there is some of it found in valve chamber. I think that there is some of it also found in oiling system. What to do with it? The car has run after this job 10000+ km. Does engine wash oil additive help to solve this problem? I am afraid of a clogged up oiling system and engine oiling failure.

Timing belt
I am planning to swap it. I dont know how much km it has on it. Is it equally simple to SOCH Civic timing belt change? Are there any other parts which i should change - water pump etc.?
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