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Well there can be a few issues when it comes to preludes and this. I have to ask, does the orange light come on when you press the button? If so the HVAC control issue is ruled out. If not here is a video showing that (there are also a few others on youtube) .

Now if the button is working or you fixed it, the next step is to check if you have power going to the grid.
The easy way is to use a test light (the one that looks like a screw driver with a sharp tip with a light inside) find a nice ground, turn the defrost on, and check the grid at the highest point(make sure you cover the end of the tester with aluminum foil to protect the grid).

No power, check the fuse (not 100% sure the exact one) if its good then you have a bad relay. That relay is located in the fuse box inside the car. If I remember right its on the right hand side above all the fuses (it will be marked on the gray plastic with raised letters). Oh and make sure the tabs for the power and ground are still stuck the glass, if not there are glues out there to fix them or you have to replace the glass (its not cheap trust me)

Once you fix the no power issue its time for one of the most annoying things you can do to a car.... Testing the defrost grid.

Using the same test light I talked about before(make sure the tip is covered with aluminum foil) and with the power on, start from the top swiping right to left (or from the drivers side to passenger) If the test light gets dimmer while swiping from one side to another its working fine. Now if it stay lit up fully then randomly goes dead you have found a break. Remember do this from top to bottom and on every line (there may be more then one break). Oh and I forgot to say do this while is kinda dimly lit or cover the back glass with something so you can see the test light.

Last but not least. If you have power to the grid and you're lazy like me, get some painter tape (the blue stuff) mask off each line and repaint all of them. I saved that tip for last because I wanted to make a proper write up. Oh and make sure you use thin coats, do be that lazy.

I hope this helps out some of you, I know not having the back glass defrost is not only unsafe but very annoying.
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