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4th gen cranks but doesnt start

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Hey everybody I was driving on the road and all of a sudden my prelude lost all power and shut down, luckily I was next to an autozone and was able to glide to the parking lot, the engine cranks and sounds like it wants to start, spark plugs were replaced 2 months ago, battery still has 12v, so with my logical reasoning it had to be related to fuel. The fuel pump doesn't sound like it's running when on acc, just replaced the fuel pump relay and hasn't fixed the problem, but also plugged in a volt reader into the input of the fuel pump and its not getting an voltage. Has anyone ever experienced this, or have any ideas on what might be wrong? Thanks
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It could be the main relay having an issue. If I recall correctly, it allows voltage to go to the pump, so if you have no voltage there it could be the main relay. It's up under the dash near the clutch pedal I think.
What dose the main full pump relay look like
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