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Event: 4th Annual Vancouver Island Poker Run For Camp Shawnigan
When: August 17th 2013 Weekend - Based on the timing it is possible to attend the Poker Run and dinner on the Saturday only and be back on the mainland that evening.

Meet and greet with dinner and a cruz - Friday 16th evening
Poker Run with banquet dinner at Mt Washington - Saturday 17th all day.
Brunch and cruz back to Victoria - Sunday 18th.

Where: Starts in Victoria at 9:30am and ends at Mt Washington in the beautiful Comox Valley approximately 6:30 with dinner and awards to follow.
What: The Vancouver Island Poker Run for Camp Shawnigan is an annual event put on by the Vancouver Island S2000 owners. The proceeds of this event go to a very worthy cause in Camp Shawnigan, a summer camp for disabled children. Sending a child to this specialty camp cost parents over $2,300 per child. Help me to send as many children as possible to summer camp. Here is a link provided to me by Camp Shawnigan (BC Lions Society Easter Seals) outlining the good work that they do:


What is a Poker Run? Since I have been asked I thought I would basically explain a Poker run and how it works.

A Poker run is a rally that doesn't have anything to do with speed. Everyone starts from the same location and either travels as a group or single and heads to a common ending point (in our case Mt Washington Resort in the Comox Valley). Along the route there are checkpoints that each vehicle must get to. You are supplied with a detailed map but none of the locations are hard to find. For those that know the island they can take off as a single or as a group and head whatever way they wish. Those that don't know the island and want to have more of the scenic tour can go with another group that will have some local owners and we will take the ocean routes to the checkpoints.

At each checkpoint will be a deck of cards. Each car selects a card. If you don't like the card you get, you can pre-purchase "mulligan" tickets which allow you to exchange the card at the checkpoint and return the card you first selected. Mulligan tickets are purchased at the start of the event and you can only purchase 3 tickets. Of course you "draw" a card you don't get to see what it is until after you have it in your hand.

Once you get to the finish you should have 7 cards. From those cards you make the best Poker hand you can and submit it to the event people. We have a nice sit down dinner at Mt Washington Resort (last year was Carved Roast Beef and Chicken Cordon Bleu with a great selection of salads and other nice things). During the dinner you are encouraged to purchase tickets for the silent auction items with all proceeds going to Camp Shawnigan. After dinner we award the silent auction items and we then award prize money to the 1st, and 2nd, and 3rd place card hands.

After that we have the bar and the facilities until midnight.

Most of the participants will stay on the Mountain in various accommodations that are available. Participants of the Poker Run do get a special rate on the Mountain. It is also possible to attend the festivities and still make it down to Nanaimo to catch the ferry to the mainland, should staying overnight not be an option. The next day we normally cruise back to Victoria as a group stopping someplace for lunch. This year it is proposed that we may include a further 'sight seeing' tour further up the island, before making our way back.

Any questions, don't hesitate to PM me or fire me an email at [email protected]

Thanks and I hope you can make it out to this worthwhile event.

Search this forum for Poker Run to find the threads from past Poker Runs.
Search the S2Ki (my home forum) for past Poker Run threads with images. Go to this page and enter "Poker Run" into the search box.

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To try and boost participation for the Poker Run this year, I am having some special deals.

1) If you sign up another car, let me know and you only pay 100.00 for your car entry. Currently the cost per car and driver is 125.00 but if you sign up another vehicle, your cost is only 100.00. Both cars must must register and pay.

2) If you bring two cars from the same family or girlfriend/boyfriend, let me know and you get both cars in for 100.00 each. Reason being that you double your chances of winning the cash.

Registrations continue to come in and sponsorship as well. The route, so far is pretty much the same as last year with a few slight changes. All checkpoints have been confirmed as well. Anyone contemplating registering for this event can go ahead and do so. Payment is not required right away and if your not 100% sure that you can make it out, you can still register and there is an option for you to state if you are confirmed attending, or you are tentative. The numbers help me with planning.

This is a lot of fun and an excellent way to see the island as well as a great cause. Hope to see you there!

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All checkpoint have confirmed that they will be participating again this year. Checkpoints are as follows:

ChkPnt #1 ==> Campus Honda (Victoria)
ChkPnt #2 ==> Discovery Honda (Duncan)
ChkPnt #3 ==> Nanaimo Honda (Nanaimo)
ChkPnt #4 ==> Sunrise Ridge Waterfront Resort (Parksville)
ChkPnt #5 ==> French Creek House Resort (Parksville)
ChkPnt #6 ==> Arrowsmith Golf and Country Club (Quallicum Beach)
ChkPnt #7 ==> Island Honda (Courtney)
Finish Point ==> Mt Washington Resort (Alpine Villiage, Comox Valley)

I am still working on a starting point. The old starting spot has agreed to allow us to start from there again but I may look for something a bit closer to the ferries to accomodate people taking the ferry over to the island on the Saturday morning.

The menu has also been determined.

Artisan Buns & Whipped Herb Butter
Garden Greens & Assorted Dressings
Greek & Feta Salad
Asian Noodle Salad
Classic Caesar Salad
Marinated Vegetable Salad
Carved Roast Beef Au Jus
West Coast Salmon
Roasted Red Potato
Wild Rice Pilaf
Seasonal Vegetable Medley
Chef’s Sweet Table
Fresh Sliced Fruit
Coffee & Tea

As well registrations continue to come in and I am amazed how far away some of the registrants are this year:

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Although you don't need to know anything about poker to participate in the Poker Run, below I have include a listing of poker hands and their ranking. You will receive 7 playing cards, one from each checkpoint. When we get up to Mt Washington you will submit your hand. We will review it and the top three hands will win cash money!


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We have now hit 25 cars and we still have 3 months to go. This is great. A really nice assortment of cars this year as well. Once again Mt Washington will be offering us a discount on accommodations at the mountain for those wishing to stay the night up there with us. I also want to say that there are some great deals to be had in the private accommodations found on the Mt Washington web site. These are chalets and condo's up there that really are not used much in the summer so the price is quite reasonable. You can find a whole chalet for 75$ a night. Here is the link to check it out:

For those of you that live on the island, this really is a great event at a good price. For the entry you get a BBQ lunch at Discovery Honda (checkpoint 2), and a wonderful buffet dinner at Mt Washington. You also will receive a bunch of freebies from some of the checkpoint and donated by sponsors. Everyone goes home with something. You also get the opportunity to win some very good sponsor donated items. Last year we gave away a week in Whistler, a 2 day ski trip with accommodation to Mt Washington, a number of golf tours, and much much more. You also get the chance to win the poker run event itself. Last year we gave away $1,000.00 in prize money. Lastly your participation fee also includes a modest donation that goes directly to Camp Shawnigan. I have a deal with them stating that the money will not go to administrative fee's, but instead go directly to the kids who's parent cannot afford the registration fees. It currently costs over $2,300.00 a week to send a child to Camp Shawnigan.

Those of you that are not from the island, you can come over on the morning ferry. We don't start the event till 9:30 so you have time to arrive on the island and make it to the starting point with no problems. You can participate in the event, have dinner, and leave by about 9:30 in the evening and still make it to Nanaimo to catch the ferry to the mainland. We had a number of people do that last year and the timing was perfect.

So no excuse..., register now!

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Route is set for this year. This year, I will not be printing off the maps and supplying you with them. Most people have GPS in which case you can just get the address from the maps here, or if you do need the maps, please print them off and bring them with you..., Trying to save some trees.

Start to Checkpoint #1 - From BCSystems to Campus Honda

Checkpoint #1 - #2 - From Campus Honda to Discovery Honda

Checkpoint #2 - #3 -From Discovery Honda to Nanaimo Honda

Checkpoint #3 - #4 - From Nanaimo Honda to Sunrise Ridge Resort

Checkpoint #4 - #5 - From Sunrise Ridge Resort to French Creek House Pub

Checkpoint #5 - #6 -From French Creek House Resort to Arrowsmith Golf and Country Club

Checkpoint #6 - #7 - From Arrowsmith Golf and Country Club to Island Honda

Checkpoint #7 - End - From Island Honda to Mt Washington Resort (Alpine Lodge)

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Planning continues on the Poker Run. Registrations continue to come in as well but it has slowed. Give this event some serious thought. Contact me with any questions.

Sponsors also continue to sign on and donate some really nice items for out raffle, including:

Golf Package from Arbutus Ridge Golf Club in Cobble Hill, BC
4 Rounds of Golf including 2 Carts at Fairwinds Golf Course in Nanoose Bay, BC
2 nights stay at Black Rock Resort in Beautiful Ucluelet, BC
500 Air Miles donated by The Honda Way in Abbotsford

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I have contacted Mt Washington administration, and they have once again graciously offered us a discount on accommodations.

Lodge room in Deer for $99 + taxes
Range is $99-$189 (3 bedroom)

"Best to call
250-338-4383 or toll free 1-877-845-4499, and please ask them to be
consistent with who they say they are with - I think last year we had a
few different names floating around. Poker Run participant?"
Our discount code is "POKER".

Also some of you have agreed to go ahead and pay the registration fee of $25.00 which, if you end up not making it to the event, will go directly to the charity. I will be following up with an email, but if you could send that in, that would be much appreciated. Those of you that have confirmed your attendance, and have not arranged something with me..., feel free to purchase your entry tickets now. Payment options were supplied in your auto responder when you registered.

Current Registration

1) ajmichelson (Adam/Rachel) - (Duncan, BC) [Civic].
2) flipstah (Don/Kanji) - (Calgary, AB) [2013 VW Golf-R]
3) MoS2000 (Mo) - (Mission, BC) [2009 S2000]
4) DDonovan (Dave/Ellen) - (Victoria, BC) [2007 S2000]
5) iamkyle (Kyle/???) -(Victoria, BC) [2013 FR-S]
6) myHappyPlace (Peter/Ursula) - (Mission, BC) [2001 S2000]
7) Tubber273 (John/Amy) - (Nanaimo, BC) [2002 Maserati Spyder]
8) DC296 (Troy/Bev) -(Quesnel, BC) [1996 Honda Integra Type-R]
9) Z33sideways (Rob/Jessica) - (Victoria, BC) [350z]
10) Requiem Alderon (Reuben) - (Prince George, BC) ['06 Tiburon]
11) RileyH (Riley/???) - (Saskatoon, SK) [Mitsubishi GTO]
12) Jono-3000 (Jonathen/???/???) - (Victoria, BC) ['08 Mazda3 GX]
13) Garurumon (Colton/???) - (Prince George, BC) ['95 Prelude SR-V]
14) esstwothousand (Ronnie) - (Victoria, BC) [2008 S2000]
15) PredatorZ (Bret) - (Boise, Idaho) [86 Nissan 300ZXT or 81 Datsun 280zx]
16) KevinBurn (Kevin/Valentina) - (Nanaimo, BC) [350z Turbo)
17) Paris (Paris/???) - (Comox Valley, BC) [96 NSX-T]
18) MID ISLE S2K (John/???) - (Duncan, BC) [2001 S2000]
19) cosicosei (Ioana/Mitchell) - (North Vancouver, BC) [2006 RX-8 ]
20) ClintCalder (Clint/Rechel) - (Comox Valley, BC) [2009 Nissan GTR]
21) Andrew Buchanan (Andrew/Scott) (Nanaimo, BC) [1990 Nissan Skyline]
22) jgs300zx (James/Tracey) (Olalla, BC) [S2000]
23) mxwizard (Tim/Cathie) (Victoria, BC) [G35 Coupe]
24) ScottRingrose (Scott/Sandy) (Victoria, BC) [Imola S2000]
25) CarlosFernandes (Carlos) (Richmond, BC) [92 Toyota Mark II]
26) MSCOTT (Mike/Brenda) (Victoria, BC) [Honda S2000]
27) jgs300zx (James/Tracey) (Seattle, Wash) [Honda S2000]
28) Kyle O'Neill (Kyle) (Abbotsford, BC) [91 Integra]
29) Steve-O-1797 (Steve) (Victoria, BC) [95 Integra GS-R]
30) Shane_Sawatzki (Shane/Cassandra) (Victoria, BC) [R32 Skyline GTR]
31) MyHappyPlace2 (Mike/Brian) (Abbotsford, BC) [2001 S2000]

Cars = 31
People = 56
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