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For Sale - 8/10/2020

2001 Honda Prelude (base)
Pearl White
5 Speed Manual
2nd Owner
134K Miles
Never smoked in
Clean TN Title

Location: Memphis TN / West TN.
Price - $6,000 - $5000 OBO

Contact - Message me here first, and then from there we can call or text if you have further questions.

After many years of owning this prelude and using this website as an amazing resource, the time has come to sell my prelude. Before I list this up on other platforms, I wanted to at least put this up here just in case a fellow prelude enthusiast would like it. Id honestly rather sell to one of you guys who would truly appreciate it. Forgive me if this post is a bit lengthy but I've had the car a while and can tell you quite a bit.

Purchased from the original owner back in July of 2012, I am currently the second owner of this 2001 Honda Prelude. I bought the car with approximately 66,000 miles and have since driven it to 134,xxx miles. Over the course of 8 years I have put ~68K miles on the vehicle, or about 8,500 miles per year. The vehicle was originally from Virginia. It spent 2 years up in New Jersey before I moved down to Tennessee in 2014.

What’s Included:

Complete key set - 2 keys and 2 fobs, Valet Key, and the Red Key still sealed in package
Picture of the radio code card - If I can find the card it will be included.
Original Manual
All the service records that I have (including the ones from the original owner)
Original Seats if buyer would like them

The Major Documented Repairs (there are many more documented minor repairs also):

Timing Belt Service @ 49,739 03/28/2008
Honda recommended 60K mile Service @ 57,875 09/22/2009
Timing Belt, Clutch, EGR cleaning, Valve Adjustment, Many seals, @ 118,406 01/24/2018
AC Serviced @ 119,xxx 03/07/2018
Radiator Replaced @ 124,xxx 07/20/2018

Why am I selling:

I honestly never wanted to sell the car and I'm certain I will regret letting her go, but unfortunately I have acquired one to many vehicles and cannot drive them all. I no longer have the space available and with a potential move with my job on the horizon, the logistics of moving all my vehicles becomes burdensome.

Things to note:

The vehicle did sustain two winters up north and as such has spots on the vehicle that were unable to escape some body rust. Namely the most common area that these cars have issues with, above the rear tires along the arch of the wheel well (see photos). Currently it’s mostly minor and living in the south has no longer experienced any further salt, but in full disclosure it exists. However the underside is mostly unscathed. Some bolt heads and subframe bits show visible surface corrosion but honestly it’s quite clean.

There was an exhaust rattle where the pipe is making contact with a heat shield. I'm guessing when the flex pipe was replaced the exhaust may have shifted. I attempted to stop the rattle with a simple metal wire to create tension on the pipe so it no longer rattles against the shield. Not sure how effective it will be but its holding for now. See photos. In all honestly, from downpipe back the exhaust is probably due for a refresh. Was on my list but my other projects have become more of a priority.

Oil burning. If you are familiar with preludes, you know the H22 motor is commonly known to burn oil. So every other gas fill up, or about 600 Miles, I check the oil level to monitor the progress. But be aware, you will need to add oil between oil changes if you change it every 5-6K miles.

When the original owner had the vehicle, he told me that someone backed into his rear bumper in a parking lot under his ownership. This was never reported. I was told the rear bumper was replaced. This is correct because the bumper no longer has an original VIN sticker and under certain lighting conditions you may notice a slight difference in paint color. I spent a lot of time looking under the rear of the car to ensure his description was accurate. When I got around to installing the rear lip, the bumper had to come off so I was able to inspect everything, verifying there was no deeper damage.

As you should be aware, the interior is slightly different from a normal base model Prelude. The seats up front have been switched over to S2000 seats, which give the driver some extra headroom and a more secure feeling in the seat. These seats are mounted to the prelude rails and use the standard prelude seat controls. The rear seats are from a Japanese market prelude that had leather and alcantara with red stitching. The steering wheel is also a Japanese market wheel with a sporty 3 spoke design and red stitching. The center console was replaced with a Japanese market version to include a red stitched leather shift knob and slightly different cup holder design.

Currently the intake/airbox setup on the vehicle is the Type S unit. It will be switched over to the OEM unit unless negotiated into the sale.

Original donut spare will be included. I always kept a full size spare in the vehicle to make things easy just in case.

Overall, the car has dings and scratches. But honestly the paint is very good for its age. Still has a lot of life left in it.

I will include original floor mats. I has rubber mats in there and never used the originals.

Please see the photos for specific close ups of the blemishes.


I have many extra parts for this car which can be negotiated for additional cost to the buyer.

Again, NOT INCLUDED but BUYER GETS FIRST PICK. Once car is sold, then these items might be put up if available.

Original set of wheels (silver sawblades) with tires (one tire is compromised)

Completely New, never installed, Koni Yellow Shocks, Eibach Springs, Ground Control adjustable coilover conversion kit. (along with OEM honda hardware like bushings, shims, etc)

Original black unpainted side skirts

Original Steering wheel and airbag

Original Center console

Type SH shift knob and OEM shift knob

JDM Type S intake

Below the radio pocket with a closable door.

There are probably small maintenance related parts I will just throw in because they should go with the car anyways.


I truly hope this will go to someone who will enjoy it. The car was my daily for a while and was intentionally left stock-ish. About a year ago I purchased all the suspension components to totally redo it. Life happened and as the prelude became a secondary car, I never found the time to get it finished. I dropped thousands of dollars a few years back to have the timing belt, clutch, major seals, etc, completed. At the time I never intended to sell it, which is why I spent so much getting all the big tasks completed.

Please reach out to me if you have questions and please see the attached link to the Flickr album to view all 109 photos.


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Best of luck man, she looks very clean for her age!

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Price drop. 5,000 or message me and see what we can work out. My promotion came through and I will be moving to Nashville, so at this point I'm fairly motivated to sell it.
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