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88-91 Prelude B20vtec swap

So it took about 9 years to get this thing off the ground. So many setbacks and issues but finally have a complete product to show the community.

1FunRyd Performance - 88-91 Prelude B20vtec swap is complete.

Original thread of where this swap started: 88-91 Prelude B20b/z swap

The lude is running and drivable, but the ecu needs to be chipped and tuned to pull out more power to get the vtec engaging as well.
Essentially the car is a high compression B20b right now since vtec is not setup but as you can see in the video below that it does perform well.

This build is a complete build. I have AC, Powersteering and Cruise control on this swap just like my last H22 swap. I felt that any swap in this car deserved to be a truly complete swap with all the creature comforts that come with our chassis stock.

I will continue to update the thread as we get full completion and then of course test drive it more and get on the road more often.

So without further delay here are the videos in sequence:

1. Video - 1






For any questions feel free to reach out to me via pm, email or

Email: [email protected]


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The B20vtec project had a little snafu, the headgasket from the conversion started leaking oil.
After some testing it was determined the HG needed to be replaced.

Due to other projects and finances we decided to store the project for later date until I got a new HG and we had more time to address it.

Months later I got a new HG and then just over the past weekend the HG was replaced and the motor ran and seem to not leak.
I just renewed the tabs so it can be street legal again and then we shall get it on the road for more testing, but other than that the swap works flawlessly.
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