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1991 Honda Prelue Si Black $500 obo

I have a 1991 Prelude Si auto that I am selling. Engine was rebuilt about 4 years ago with about 10,000 miles put on it since then. Mainly just used it on the weekend occasionally. I also put in a used transmission at the same time that had about 50,000 miles on it when I bought it. Car was kept in a garage up until 4 months ago when I moved.

The engine that was put in was a b20a5 that was bored out by a machine shop to the b21a1 piston size and b21a1 pistons were put in. and I also had the throttle body bored out by All new pistons, rings, and bearings. Head was rebuilt as well. Recently replaced the muffler and tail pipe with an OEM replacement. Tires were all replaced not too long ago. Lots of replaced parts came from Honda dealership and have 95% of receipts. The mast for the antenna is broken but that is a simple fix.

Passed inspection in NC in Jan but soon after one of the coolant hoses developed a bad leak and caused the engine to overheat. I no longer have a garage to work on it so I just had to buy another car and am selling this one. I also have a few misc spare parts, small hoses, two valve covers, extra throttle body.

Make me an offer. The car will need to be towed. Title is clean and clear. Since NC requires the title be notarized you would need to come by when a bank or some place with a notary is open.

Picture on craigslist listing:
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