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I am selling my '91 Honda Prelude 4WS. It was my daily commuter for years until the manual transmission finally started to act up (after 200k+ miles). I was able to flush it once to get some additional miles out of it. You could probably drive it for a while with another flush but it needs rebuilt or replaced soon. Last trip it made was from Melbourne, FL to Apopka, FL (about 95 miles) and it's been parked ever since (that was in November of 2016). Engine runs good, but battery is dead and fuel (if there's any left) is stale so I currently can't get it to start. Fuel system could probably use a good flush. The original B21A1 was seized when I bought the car. I swapped it with a JDM B20A5 (if I remember correctly, been a LONG time; I will need to check block and head stamps later) and mated with the original manual tranny. I did a head swap too, but I will need to look at the part #. I think I swapped with a B21 head. AEM True Time cam gears. Neuspeed Sport springs (I have the Race series as well that will come with car). Tokico struts. New AC compressor but won't turn on even when system is fully charged. I suspect there may be an issue in the wire harness between the controller and the compressor but haven't traced wires or done continuity check.

Clean title in hand. $1,900. Will need to be towed on a flatbed or trailer upon pickup; too low for regular tow truck. I feel bad that it's just sitting in my driveway getting pounded on by the sun. Hopefully one of you can restore it to its former glory.


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no offense...but it's priced to keep...
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