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I have decided to sell off my project and all the stuff I've been hoarding for the past 6 years.

This is going to be a deal that you are not going to want to pass-up.

I bought the car from Cidgrad back in 2006, it was very well maintained and cared for and was continued to be cared for and maintained by me.

Due to bad cam gears the timing belt failed and I began the slow task of building a turbo set-up for the lude.

After a few years, I've lost interest in finishing the build, so I've decided to Sell everything all together.

I purchased the car from Cidgrad for a little over $5,000. Since then I've acquired numerous parts and and rare bits probably making the total value of everything around $7,000 easy.

So I'm sure you're wondering... What are you selling it all for?...

I'm currently living in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and that is where the car is now.

If anyone is serious, I can sit down and do a complete inventory of what I have.

**EDIT 2/18/13... Inventory of EXTRA parts complete...

It's on Ebay right now, no reserve, starting at $1,000!!!!

All the best,

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I am interested but I live in NJ.....

Sorry man, I wish I could get this car. I have been eyeing this car for quite some time but its too far for me. Unfortunately being a highschool senior, my parents are really reluctant with me buying a car right now. In addition, I don't have the knowledge nor time to work on this car.

I hope you find a good buyer for the prelude! :)
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