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Hey guys - a google search brought me back to this thread:

But I didn't see a resolution at the end?

Anyway, my rad went a couple days ago (massive leaking, then resulting overheating from the lack of coolant). I replaced the rad, and the thermostat but the fans won't turn on; which I'm starting to believe caused the problem in the first place - the higher temps blew my 13 y/o rad lol.

The fans won't come on regardless of how long it idles, but the car doesn't overheat (might be that it's really cold here lately). The fans won't come on with the AC either. Both fan fuses are good.

I haven't jumped the ECT sensor on the thermostat housing yet, but I'm starting to think it's the fan relay?

I'll follow up here if I find a solution - any help/tips would be greatly appreciated (or posted excerpts from the helms lol)

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