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What a spin turn knob does

First things first,, the knob does absolutely no spinning, or turning for that matter, it's just bad english. It helps you to do 'spin turns' without the Parking Brake locking up. While still retaining the ability to lock the P-Brake in the up position for parking.

So,, lets go over what your going to need here.


- Channel locks, vice grips, or some sort of pliers.
- Possibly a drill, maybe not.
- A knob ------

Okay,, I said a knob, and by this I mean like, anything with a threaded hole thats shaped like a knob. The best thing, other then the store bought ones, are the back seat release,, like youd find on a civic hatch back or ae86, 240sx's have them too, if I remember correctly. Just dont use the one off your own car, try looking at junk yards for one. (and remember, if its at a junkyard, and it fits in your pocket, its free ;D ). It's a little hard to explain I wish I had a picture, but I'm talking about that knob you pull up on to fold down the back seat in most cars.

Anyways,, ask if you need more explanation there.

So, how about a Diagram of the Parking brake

What we got here is a metal rod with a threaded end, housed in a casing (the handle). One side of the rod is hooked up to a lever that works on a toothed semi gear blah blah not important. But the OTHER end, is threaded, and attatched is the little button you press down on to release the parking brake.

Now what makes the parking brake lock, is the spring behind that little button. When you pull the brake up, that spring pushes the button out, moving the rod forward to engage the lock. Explained enough? K.

First thing (you stolen a knob from somewhere allready right?) is to take that button off. Trust me, it IS screwed onto the rod, even if its impossible to spin off, thats where the vice-grips come in, its going to take force and lots of it (make sure your turning it the right way too). So just clamp onto it and spin until it comes off the rod.

When your done, something like this should come off

See all those tooth marks on it? its HARD. anyways, now, if the spring hasnt already come out, fish it out with a screwdriver or pencil or needlenose pliers, whatever you got. I wish I had a picture of it but I lost the spring some time ago. Just look down into the end you pulled the button off you should be able to see it. Not much explaining just remove the spring.

Now, looking down into the hole where the button used to be, you should see the end of the metal rod the button used to be attached to, now take your stolen knob, and see if it fits on. Chances are it will. but two things might be wrong.

A) The stem on the knob is too long
B) the hole doesnt thread on to the rod

If its a. , well, okay thats not too hard, cut off part of the stem so its short enough. If its b. though, your going to need that drill I said you might need at the top. Its soft plastic so as long as you drill the right sized hole into it the threads on the rod will eat into the plastic and fit.

If the holes too big, find another knob. But chances of that are very, veerrrry slim.

Anyways, if or once it does fit, all thats left is to screw the knob onto the metal rod. Done that? your done, thats it.

And you should have something that looks like this

Pulling up and down on the P-Brake now,, it wont lock, but, if you do want it to lock, You do this.

Push your thumb onto the knob (see this is why you need a knob, its way harder with just the button) This pulls the rod out the same way the spring normally would.

Now pull up, and it will lock just as it did before. Like this ,

The only last question you might have is, is it safe? Yes, the locking system on the brake is completely independant of that little spring, thats why you have to pull up a little when your pushing the button back down once its locked.
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