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5th Gen ‘01 Bought this car nearly a year ago and decided to start working on the AC over the winter 2020 to prepare for 2021 summer in the south. After many trials and tribulations, I have the AC blowing 🥶, with it getting hotter by the day, I’ve started to notice at a stop light it’s not as cool anymore.
First thing I think is condenser, so I check the condenser fan, it has 0V at the BLU/YEL power wire to the fan. I trace the BLU/YEL wire back into a harness behind the driver side headlight and find a male connector with the same BLU/YEL wire. After searching for the female end I stop, think about it, and realize it’s a relay that plugs into this male connector. I purchase one from the local auto parts store, plug it in and BAM, Compressor fan kicks on with AC commanded from user panel. HOWEVER, with this relay plugged in, no cold air, zero, nothing. It kills power to the compressor. With the car running,and AC commanded on, I unplug the relay, the fan kicks off and the compressor kicks on, allowing once again my 🥶 air. I have searched for a wiring diagram on the 5th GEN climate control system but have came up empty handed. I have tried searching forums here but there are sooooo many that the search takes every letter into affect and throws me a million results that I have combed through and found nothing. Could someone post a link if they have it or perhaps some guidance? Maybe I’m just overlooking something.
Refrigerants levels are good.
Compressor is new and working as it should, when relay is not connected.


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