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  1. Manual swap wiring help

    5th Gen
    Hey, so i just swapped to an m2a4 from the auto. and everything seems good, but the engine will turn over but not start. wondering if anyone could send me a photo of their wiring harness so i could see if something got unplugged by accident. Thank you!
  2. List every problem a 3rd gen prelude normally has here.

    3rd Gen
    I'm in the planning stages of my 89' build and was wondering what the prelude in it's stock form has to improve on. I'm not looking for performance, rather just reliability and overall drivability. The point of the build is to get together a prelude I wouldn't feel bad about dailying and won't...
  3. Only Passenger locks and window works HELP!?!?

    5th Gen
    ok so i have a 2000 Honda prelude I just bought it, for the first 2 days I had it driver side window, locks, mirror controls all of it worked but now im having issues Driver side: Not working Window Lock & Unlock Mirror Controls ------------------------------- Driver side: Working the on off...
  4. Bad Battery Drain Issues **pics**

    3rd Gen
    Hi Luders, I'm back in the game. Just picked up a clean 1989 Si, I had a 90 S a few years back until the timing belt slipped. [/URL][/IMG] The issues i'm having is bad battery drain. If i let the car sit over night it won't have any juice left in the morning. I did some digging and found...
  5. Electrical issue, Fuse keeps blowing.

    3rd Gen
    The license plate light fuse keeps blowing, I've owned this car for about 2 weeks and bought it as a project, it was rear ended *minor damage* but I just had to replace the Tail light and prelude reflector. I figured that would fix my electrical problem, popped in a new 15 fuse and boom good as...
  6. Wiring interior LED strips HELP!!

    Alrighty, So basically I'm trying to run 4, 30cm LED strips off of my cars constant 12V power supply leading to the stereo. I also want to wire a toggle switch in here so I can turn it on or off as I wish. I know very little about wiring and need some assistance. I've tried the following two...
  7. 2000 Base immobilized and wiring issue?

    5th Gen
    [SOLVED] 2000 Base Locking/Windows Issue THIS WAS THE PROBLEM: The ground wire was disconnected, when we opened it up it looked like it had been messed with before, so we're thinking the car had this problem when the previous owner had it, and they fixed it, but didn't do a solid enough job...
  8. Weird wiring problem 1990 prelude

    3rd Gen
    So my lude has been sitting out for a while and I recently turned it on to find out my right head light won't lift and the Motor isn't making any noise and my radio is not working. The deal with the radio is that the front panel is not showing anything on the screen but when I eject a disk it...
  9. 98 Prelude Headlight and Tail Light Problems

    5th Gen
    Recently, my inner tail light on the driver side started going out. I found that If i hit the outside casing of the light itself the bulb would come back on, so I figured it was just a loose connection, messed with it, didnt seem to change anything. Drove around for a few days with it still...
  10. Shout out to all owners of an "S"

    3rd Gen
    For those of you that know, which I am sure is none, since I never told anyone. I took literally everything that would move off/out of my engine bay to do rust control and paint it. It took months. I've lost many many screws and bolts. The car has been sitting in weather this whole time...
  11. WTB: obd2 knock sensor plug, misc wiring

    I am in need of some wiring plugs from a 5th gen or other obd2 engine harness. If you guys have a chopped up harness laying around I need a few wires. First I need a knock sensor plug with as much wiring attached as you can manage. Second I need the cps(on the crank pulley) sensor plug or the...
  12. How To: Spot the VTEC penguin before it hides back in the camchamber

    5th Gen
    *WARNING* Just like finding the penguin in the fridge that shuts off your light, this is dangerous and requires proper tools. For this critical task we need a jewelry box and a small LED panel. I keep all my faggotry in one of these. It also comes in handy in holding an LED panel. But...
  13. Informative: Wiring schematic for JDM/USDM fogs with HIDs and JDM switch

    5th Gen
    I made this for someone but I figured it would be useful for anyone else out there. These should also be helpful in using a USDM switch or a replica switch:
  14. what are these wire connectors??

    5th Gen
    wire colors: #1 black w/ yellow stripe, all of them #2 is every combination of striped wire i can count #3(grey connector) white, blk w/ yellow stripe #4(green connector) brown w/ black stripe & blue with black stripe
  15. 92 h22a fuel wiring problem...

    4th Gen
    hey everyone, haven't visited in a while and i have a major problem. i know there is a lot of expertise on here so here goes... details... 92 lude with jdm h22a swap, h23 tranny, cc stage 2 clutch, megan headers with dual exhausts, short ram intake.... (typical mods nothing major) p13 us...
  16. Wiring Question

    4th Gen
    I have a '92 prelude and my cruise control and A/C dont work. There are two intertwined wires that are green and blue that are hanging on the passenger side and lead to the side of the steering column. I was wondering if anyone knew where these go and if they are related to my problems?
  17. Alternator woes

    5th Gen
    Radio started turning off a few times randomly yesterday while driving. Today my car tried to start but couldn't quite manage. Battery is only a 1.5 yrs old. I tested the alternator at Autozone - it's good. While uninstalling the alternator, the wiring to the alternator was corroded to shit...
  18. Installing Wiring through the Doors

    Write ups & How tos
    I had this in the entertainment section but figured it'd be more viewed here. Here's a quick step by step process on how I did it. I had to put 4 wires through each door to get to the power window wires so that I could install a 530t window module. The same can be applied when installing...
  19. Installing Wiring through the Doors

    Car Entertainment and Security
    Here's a quick step by step process on how I did it. I had to put 4 wires through each door to get to the power window wires so that I could install a 530t window module. The same can be applied when installing speaker wire. First I took off the bumper and fenders. Here's where most of the work...