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wire harness

  1. Wiring Question

    4th Gen
    I have a '92 prelude and my cruise control and A/C dont work. There are two intertwined wires that are green and blue that are hanging on the passenger side and lead to the side of the steering column. I was wondering if anyone knew where these go and if they are related to my problems?
  2. Engine Wire Harness help

    3rd Gen
    I searched for a couple minutes and didn't really come up with much on this.. I bought one from a member on here and have a decent amount of work to do to it.. A lot of the black plastic that is supposed to protect the wiring is so hard I have to cut it with wire cutters one snip at a time.. The...
  3. 88 Lude vac. box help.

    3rd Gen
    I'm stumped on this. I have an 88 lude, and when i got it the vac. control box was gone along with all the lines. It has been running rich since i bought it. Well yesterday i got the box, and went to put it on this morning. To my surprise it wasn't only missing the box, but all the electrical...
  4. Odd Question Reguarding Engine Wire Harness

    5th Gen
    Okay so i am gonna be doing a swap this summer and i am asking a favor more or less... Can i have someone measure the the wire groupings on the harness...? i am purchasing something special and i dont have an extra harness to use to measure said stuff... IE There is ___ Ft of...