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  1. 5th Gen
    Im thinking of buying these panels for my new type sh prelude and I eventually want to Paint them what do you think? they are cheap but metal not sure if i should buy them...
  2. 5th Gen
    Hello, I recently noticed a smoke that easily smells like coolant also like power steering fluid. When I get to running temperature the smoke comes from underneath the headers and from underneath the throttle body. The car's coolant is white and frothy. The flexible exhaust connector right...
  3. 3rd Gen
    Hey guys So I love my new lude but I would much prefer white tail lights over the orange ones. Is there any way to whiten it (just painted from the inside for example) or is the housing orange itself? Tried to look for white ones with ebay but no luck.
  4. Exterior/Styling
    Free Rear Bumper Gone!
  5. Builds
    Current picture of the lude MODIFICATIONS: Exterior: -BB6 front lip -JDM Rain guards -JDM power folding mirrors -JDM BA5 convex mirror lenses -JDM smoked amber corners -Fog lights -HID bulbs -CSA Globeline 13 inch wheels -Windows tinted to darkest legal level -Antennae delete w/ genuine Honda...
  6. 3rd Gen
    hey guys, i am trying to sell my 91 sr with original 104,xxx kilometers and it has never been in a accident or anything. it is white on the exterior and dark blue interior. lady driven for 10 years 5speed manual trans original paint i have the original seat covers from the factory zero rust...
  7. Builds
    With as much photography as I do of my car in addition to the plans I have for it, I figured a build thread was in order. This isn't as much a build as it is a giant tune-up to get the car where I have wanted it for the past 2 years. Here is a little about the car: 1999 Honda Prelude Base 5...
  8. General
    I joined this site a while back with my 90 si b21a1. i did some work to it and after sinking hundreds into her, she died. and i left the lude scene for a little bit with a firebird and some VDubs. but now im back and i couldnt remember my username or password. and so i started a new account with...
  9. Part Outs
    Hey everyone, been away for a while. Let the old thread die, sold a few things, still have a bunch so I'm starting another thread to refresh everything. Pretty much everything posted is everything I have left. Prices are w/o shipping and pp fee's (LPUO- Local Pick Up Only) 5 speed swap-...
  10. Showroom
    Rules of the thread 1. No comments- use the PM feature for questions/comments on the ludes. 2. Post pictures of the cars only. It doesn't have to be your car, but a White Prelude. 3. Enjoy! How-To Post Pictures
1-11 of 12 Results