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  1. Wheels/Tires
    Hi everyone, new to this forum and am seeking some assistance. Does anyone have any knowledge about what tire size I should fit on my prelude? The wheels are gram lights 17x9+38 I have been considering anywhere from a 225/45 to a 235/40 which as of now I think is the best option for fitment. I...
  2. 4th Gen
    I bought my ‘95 prelude a couple weeks ago and I’m getting it to looking nice. I’m painting it the stock color Azure Blue Green Pearl and am trying to find good wheels to go with it but have had no luck. Could someone give me suggestions?
  3. 5th Gen
    Hey guys wanted to know if I will be able to fit 18x9.5 on the front and 18.10.5 on rears on the 98 prelude both with a 22 offset. I will be rolling my fenders and what tire size you recommend I kind of want a bit of stretch. Thanks for the help.
  4. 4th Gen
    Firstly, I know similar threads exist but not quite the same as what I am trying to accomplish here. I have found myself in a predicament of being a novice when it comes to wheel fitment and have found buying used wheels for my 4th gen with the right fitment to be an absolute nightmare. I...
  5. 5th Gen
    Can anyone please give me the wheel specifications for a 1997 Si Prelude. On the bb5 chassis. Currently has stock wheels but I need specifications so I can look at getting larger rims. I tried to check online, but couldn't find any, would check the car but it's not with my currently. Thank you!
  6. 5th Gen
    I've been on an extended Google quest trying to figure out if any OEM Honda center caps will fit my aftermarket wheels, which have a seemingly uncommon 60mm (2 3/8") bore. Would anyone be so kind as to measure the diameter of your stock 4th or 5th gen Prelude center caps?
  7. 3rd Gen
    I don't think I've seen one of these, [EDIT: I just remembered there was a guy with a red lude who posted every wheel he owned in one place. But I can't remember who it was] Anyways, I thought I'd start compiling a list of wheels and pictures and specs. Starting with ones I've owned and going...
  8. Wheels/Tires
    2 RSX Type S Wheels Painted Black with Tires (NJ) - $100 SOLD Selling 2 RSX Type S Wheels. They're painted black, but one of them will need to be repainted. No curb rash on either wheel. Tires are 225/45/17 Kumho Ecsta ASX with 60% tread left. One of the tires does have a small staple in...
  9. Builds
    Hi, please forgive me for not knowing what low offset means, but I've heard it a lot but I have no idea what it means.
  10. Suspension/Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    I've been reading on these forums that the 2nd gen (83) Preludes have adjustable camber in the front wheel from factory. Is this true? If it is, is it for positive camber or negative camber or both?
  11. 4th Gen
    I'm looking to put new wheels on my 1992 prelude and I'm wondering if anybody has the same body style with 18s and if you had to trim the fenders to get them to fit? I've been told different stuff by different wheel places so I wanted to see if anyone has it!
  12. 3rd Gen
    Bought some Western Epsilon Mesh Wheels off craigslist for my 91 and they ended up not fitting. At least I dont think they will. I guess they were off a 240 nissan so they're rear wheel which I didnt even notice. Not too mention I would need adapters for them to fit. Would have to go from 4x100...
  13. 4th Gen
    I have a 92 prelude Si 2.2l VTEC, I want to lower it. I dont want to lower it a lot though, i was thinking like 1.3 both front and back with H&R Springs. But i also want a new set of wheels and tires. If i bought 17x7.5 or 17x8, could i still lower my Lude' without any problems like rubbing or...
  14. 5th Gen
    Okay so I picked up a really nice deal on some bbs lm style (str 601) wheels 17x7.5 +40 offset I wanna run 225/40/17, first off, will these fit fine without fender rolling (im on stock suspension on a Type SH 1998)? I am willing to roll fenders but Id rather avoid it. What is a current (2013)...
  15. 5th Gen
    Hey guys, I tried searching for someone who has done this but it's hard to find bc the tire size is rare I'm thinking of getting tenzo meister v2 wheels: 17x7.5 +42 offset 225/40/17 tires - will this offer enough rim protection? Will I have to roll fenders to make this work? It's a 1998 type...
  16. 5th Gen
    Question, what do you guys think about have these wheels on 5th gen Prelude?[email protected]/8168740582/in/photostream
  17. Wheels/Tires
    selling the blades in this thread I made this thread to grab attention to the blades only. They will be sold without tires if anyone wants these ill make sure to find a good shipping price. Far cheaper than other wheels on ebay or forums...
  18. Wheels/Tires
    Hello, I know Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner but Winter will be here before you know it. I know its early to post these but perhaps someone out there likes to be prepared. Since I got the car painted I'm not driving it in the winter so these wheels are useless to me. I...
1-18 of 33 Results