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  1. 3rd Gen
    hello prelude community i am new to this group and new to prelude ownership. i bought a 3rd generation prelude a while back which i would now like to get aftermarket wheels for and need your expert opinions on. i am trying to get the best fitment possible with a 8 inch wide wheel. wheel diameter...
  2. 5th Gen
    I recently bought some 17 x 8 + 35 offset with 225/45 tires will they scrub with stock suspension??
  3. 5th Gen
    Alright so I have a set of ESR SrO5s that are 17 x 8.5 (obviously they’re too wide and I’m rubbing. I seriously need help getting tires on that won’t rub when I lower it. I was thinking about going nexen 205/40R17. What do you guys think?
  4. 5th Gen
    Hello prelude lovers!! I just got rims that are 17x8.5. Idk if that’s the best Fitment, but some have told me that I shouldn’t have any rubs with this set up. Do I have to roll the fenders for this rim set up for it not to rub or am I fine?
  5. 4th Gen
    I'm looking to put new wheels on my 1992 prelude and I'm wondering if anybody has the same body style with 18s and if you had to trim the fenders to get them to fit? I've been told different stuff by different wheel places so I wanted to see if anyone has it!
  6. 5th Gen
    Ok since there have been a lot of low offset wheel threads popping up and the ppl who dont like it always want to rant in them, this will be a thread for any low offset questions/answers/pics. Any non low offset talk i hope will be deleted by the Moderator. Some sites for Hellaflushness...
1-6 of 6 Results