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  1. VTEC activation making clank sound after head rebuild.

    5th Gen
    Hey, so I’ve been so looking through the forums online and haven’t found much information that would help me. So the the problem I’m having is after I got my head rebuilt/ decked checked for leaks cleaned etc I’ve been having a strange issue where as soon as I cross over into VTEC I hear a metal...
  2. F20B making vtec work

    3rd Gen
    Hey guys, to start off i have a 1989 Prelude Si and im currently swapping the b20a5 with a F20B (DOHC) SIR-T. Instead of going OBD1 Im sticking with the PCB-004 ECU (OBD2). My question is how will i make vtec work? I put the vss from the b20 onto the f20b but im pretty much clueless from there...
  3. 5th gen prelude rattling noise

    5th Gen
    Hey guys, wondering if someone here could help me with this one. So I have a 98 Prelude with the h22a4 and it makes an unidentified rattling noise right around 2500 rpm after it has fully warmed up. It also only does it under load, if your off the throttle coasting, it goes away. I was...
  4. N/A Mild, Budget build with lots of torque

    4th Gen
    Hey guys Ill be turning 18 here this month, and I want to do a mild budget build on my h22a vtec euro-r which I have on a engine stand. I want to do it right and learn at the same time. I would like to build my torque up rather than horsepower. The bottom end is solid and clean. I want to do...
  5. New to forums, have a few questions.

    Hey guys, new to the forums. Just got a '97 lude from my brother for cheap cheap, just has a blown automatic trans(base model, not SH). Really want to do a manual swap, have read rompirates instructions many times and think its doable. A few specific questions I have are it has VTEC in it...
  6. *vtec solenoid gurus here

    5th Gen
    :smilejap:Hello fellow lude owners, im having a lot of trouble with the lude currently. ;( I hear a rattle underneath the car about 2k rpms. I'm throwing a code p0420. I searched and found it is a faulty cat or 02 sensor. Today, I was driving and I noticed VTEC won't engage. the engine gets real...
  7. what 4th gen prelude is best/bettr for H22a

    4th Gen
    :?:So im leaving san diego to go to alaska in 10 days and work the summer. Im doing it to come home and get my first prelude.(nothing more than $3k?ish)I've been doing weeks of research and i know i want an H22a motor, but im not sure what model lude(--year, if it matters. Sticking with 4th gen...
  8. H22 cams in an H23 VTEC engine?

    Naturally Aspirated
    I'm looking to swap an H23 VTEC into my 5th gen lude and want to put in some stage 1 or stage 2 cams in it at the same time. I know the heads on the H22 and the H23 VTEC are the same, I'm just unsure of the clearances. I know the H23 has a larger displacement due to a longer stroke. Does this...
  9. F/S 5th Gen: gauge cluster 59Shipped+ paypal fees

    Interior/Audio & Security
    Does anyone need a cluster or to retrofit into a 3rd gen, 2nd etc.? I have one with 179-180k works good 59shipped + paypal fees text me for pictures 317 397 61 97 Ill try and post one soon if i dont forget tomorrow.
  10. H23a JDM to USDM h22a1 swap auto to manual

    4th Gen
    I have a 1994 si Honda prelude automatic. I have a buddy selling me a h22a1 engine vtec manual. I need to know what I need for the swap and basically POUR all of your knowledge on me. Mu buddy knows everything mostly, I just need to start buying parts and stuff. So if you guys wanna start...
  11. H23a Head swap vtec h22a1

    4th Gen
    Hi, So im gonna buy a h22a1 vtec motor its a manual, I have a 1994 Honda Prelude Si Automatic JDM 2.3 H23a motor. I was wondering is it possible to Run a USDM h22a1 vtec head manual on a h23a JDM automatic Block. If you get what im saying. Im just wondering if its also possible to run vtec on...
  12. F/S 3rd Gen: H22a1 Swapped 91 SI 4WS $3300 obo WI

    Cars For Sale
    Up for sale is my H swapped 91 4WS. Its got 194k on the chassis. Power locks, power windows, power moonroof (no leaks) all work. Interior is overall pretty clean aside from broken fan control knob and missing cover for rearview mirror base Mods include: motor and trans from a 95 Si VTEC Chipped...
  13. F/S 4th Gen: 1993 Prelude VTEC PART OUT and 1993 Prelude VTEC w/H22a and M2B4 trans

    Part Outs
    I have all these parts and they're all priced in the pics, but now everything is BEST OFFER. For the aftermarket stuff I really don't know if I want to sell them, but if the price is right I will. I'd prefer texts over PM's: 812-340-9461 -Ryan SOLDS: weather stripping VTEC speaker cover...
  14. No vtec.

    5th Gen
    So It's winter here in Alberta, and it hasn't been too cold, but one day I took the car out for some fun, and I had been running it for about 5 minutes without opening up on it (so I'd say it wasn't hot yet, but not cold). I finally started givin' er' and I hit the engine cut off at 6500, and...
  15. F/S: VAFC 2 VTEC Controller

    I am selling my VAFC 2. It is in great condition and everything works like it should. It comes with the unit, the stand, and the wiring. No extra harness is included. This was on the car when I bought it so I don't know how old it is. It is in great shape though. I can get more detailed...
  16. How To: Spot the VTEC penguin before it hides back in the camchamber

    5th Gen
    *WARNING* Just like finding the penguin in the fridge that shuts off your light, this is dangerous and requires proper tools. For this critical task we need a jewelry box and a small LED panel. I keep all my faggotry in one of these. It also comes in handy in holding an LED panel. But...
  17. new to forum & ludes

    4th Gen
    Hey everyone i got a 1995 honda prelude SI with a 2.3 H23a....non v-tec. Im planning on taking some pictures within the next few days for everyone but for now im trying to make future plans on building this engine. I've been reading/searching on alot of forums that you should just get a H22...
  18. rough idle/vtec problem

    4th Gen
    my 94 prelude with a h22a and converted from automatic to manual has a really rough idle, sputters and dies after i hooked up the vtec wires. can anyone help? it ran fine without the vtec hooked up before.
  19. Help

    4th Gen
    the other day my brakes went out and i crashed into a lady head on and now ny front end is destroyed. Sooooo i need help finding any parts i can get so if anybody can help a brotha out it would be much apreciated!
  20. Build advice

    4th Gen
    I just purchased my second prelude this one being a 93 VTEC H22A1 and wanted to build/turbo it. I would like some advice as to what parts/builds have been successful on a stock block or if I should spend the money and go with a built block. Not looking to go with a huge setup just something...