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  1. 5th Gen
    Hi, I've searched all over the forums, but I can't seem to find an answer. All the writeups / tutorials that include replacing the valve seals also tend to replace the belt. Mine's only about 40k kms old, and I really don't want to spend all day taking it off. Is it possible to loosen it enough...
  2. 3rd Gen
    Been off this site for a while but thought I'd come back to write a short review on the eBay viton valve seals I purchased. I think Diamondsleeper said something in a post about having lost faith in felpro valve seals, and I'll second that. My first experience lasted about 50'000 kms until my...
  3. 2nd Gen
    setting up to do valve adjustment on my a20a3 motor, need to know valve lift specs, anyone got um? intake and exhaust numbers please!
  4. 3rd Gen
    hey guys i recently rebuilt my b21a1 Prelude SR engine, and when i did a compression test found i had no compression whatsoever in any of the cylinders. to get a better idea, here is what i did. i did NOT re-bore the cylinders. i replaced all piston rings, and valves. the valves are not brand...
  5. 3rd Gen
    well here is the issue, although i have searched for a answer i cant seem to find a solution. so the deal is that my b20a5 will burn a bit of oil under first start up after it has been sitting for a couple hours. or if it has been idling for about 5 minutes at 750rpms then you take off. it will...
  6. 5th Gen
    I needed to do this, and thought why not make a write up too! First remove valve cover per Jlude's valve adjustment write up. Plus you might as well do it while your in there. Im going to go out on a limb here and assume Jlude doesnt mind...
1-6 of 6 Results