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  1. Fast Idle Problem

    2nd Gen
    My 87 2.0 SI has an idle speed problem. It can be a little difficult to start, but once it does, it idles around 2500. Once heated up, that idle increases to roughly 3000 rpm. The fast idle valve (the valve on the TB closest to the firewall that you access by removing 2 philips head screws)...
  2. need detailed pics of b20a5 coolant hoses, heater hoses, and vacuum hoses

    3rd Gen
    if anyone could get in their lude bay and take some pics of all these things for me that would be greatly appreciated. i bought the lude from someone who had removed all this himself so i have no idea how it was all ran to begin with and am having a hard time finding detailed pics of what i...
  3. Purge Solenoid routing

    4th Gen
    I recently picked up a 1996 Prelude S to use as a commuter car. Its a low mileage car for the year and looks old man owned, not modified and extremely clean. Anyways, before I picked it up I noticed the CEL and had the code pulled, came up with the P1457 EVAP code. Did some digging and figured I...
  4. High idle

    3rd Gen
    Hello everyone, new here, just bought my first prelude. To preface everything, the kid who had it before me tried ricing it out. straight pipe, fart can, ect ect ect. anyway, so its a 91 2.0 si without 4ws. ive spent quite a bit of time trying to get it halfway decent again and have hit a...
  5. Car starts, but dies 30 seconds later

    4th Gen
    I have 92 2.3. The car starts up ok, but after a few seconds of running, the rpms start surging to about 3000 and back down. The rpms surge for a couple of seconds until the car just dies. I've removed the EGR and cleaned the ports, replaced the IAC with a used one (cleaned out though), took the...
  6. 88 Lude vac. box help.

    3rd Gen
    I'm stumped on this. I have an 88 lude, and when i got it the vac. control box was gone along with all the lines. It has been running rich since i bought it. Well yesterday i got the box, and went to put it on this morning. To my surprise it wasn't only missing the box, but all the electrical...
  7. high rpm...runs on its own

    3rd Gen
    I have an 88 prelude 4Ws si fuel injected lude, that is reving at 2000, in gear i dont have to use the gas pedal, the car goes anyways and when in neutral revs high. if you have any idea what this could be id appretiate it...ive checked the TB and cleaned it, and suspect that its a vacuum...