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  1. What do you think about these panels

    5th Gen
    Im thinking of buying these panels for my new type sh prelude and I eventually want to Paint them what do you think? they are cheap but metal not sure if i should buy them...
  2. Prelude SH Ground Control/Koni Yellow's Help Needed

    5th Gen
    Hi Guys! Does anyone have experience with running Ground Control's and Koni Yellow's on an SH? I've read time and time again that it's possible, well I pulled the trigger a few months back on a setup of Koni Yellows and Ground Control adjustable springs designed for a base Prelude. On the Koni...
  3. 1997 Prelude Type SH

  4. WTB: 2000 SH Struts all around w/ mounts/bushings

    What's up, everyone. I've been absent for a long time...... Looking to see if anyone has OEM struts for sale. Hopefully without crazy amount of miles....... My car and struts are running 188k. My suspension is pretty much on its last leg, barely surviving. Have been looking at many parts...
  5. 98 SH ATTS Light Fell Out Cluster

    5th Gen
    Hello everyone I have a question. A while ago I can't remember when I realized it but my ATTS light no longer came on while my key was turned all the way. I assumed it was a burnt out bulb because I had a few bulbs burn out before. When I took out the cluster I took out the bulb where it was...
  6. Moving on to better things

    5th Gen
    I've had this thing for a few weeks now. It's a 2010 C350 Sport. Unfortunately it was time for something more reliable and in better condition. Last October the balance shaft seal blew out on my Prelude at highway speed. It emptied all the oil within seconds and destroyed my cylinder...
  7. Will this h22a block work with ATTS

    i have a SH that i bought with a junk engine (rod through cylinderwall) I might possibly be buying this long block setup. The serial # is 1007808 and the VC is Red. Now im totally lost. from what it appears the serial # is stating the block is from like 1991 i think. i dunno ive literally been...
  8. Type SH stock ecu & PCB F20b ECU with Rywire OBD2A->OBD2B conversion harness

    99 Type SH Ecu- $100 obo PCB (F20b ecu obd2b)- $100 OBD2a-OBD2b Rywire conversion harness- $100 PCB ECU and conversion harness both for $180
  9. 5th Gen_ My Slowley but Surely 5th gen stance build

    Whats up guys, ive been lurking for a while and thought id just start a build thread to get something out there. I picked up my black 5th gen type sh in february. So far: Engine: JDM H23a VTEC JDM T2T4 LSD Transmission AEM V2 CAI Stock 65mm Bluetop TB Skunk2 Pro Series Intake Manifold...
  10. what are these wire connectors??

    5th Gen
    wire colors: #1 black w/ yellow stripe, all of them #2 is every combination of striped wire i can count #3(grey connector) white, blk w/ yellow stripe #4(green connector) brown w/ black stripe & blue with black stripe
  11. 3rd brake light (spoiler) issue.

    5th Gen
    Tried to determine why my spoiler brake light didnt work after reattaching the spoiler's 3rd brake lamp harness. Used a circuit tester and had no voltage from the harness (small black one in the pics) and found that the other end of the cable has a larger gray female harness which isnt plugged...
  12. Question for the SH owners.

    5th Gen
    So it's that time to relace the shocks and springs. I already have the springs H&R racing springs now I just need the shocks. I looked around a couple forums and most all give me no answers. What type of shocks ARE out there for the SH tokico hp blues on don't say exc. SH so does that...
  13. 2000 type SH problem please help...

    5th Gen
    Hey guys, I just bought a 2000 Honda Prelude type SH. I was driving home from school tonight, when both my check engine, and ATTS light came on. I was hoping you guys would be able to tell me if the ATTS would cause the check engine to come on, and if I should still drive my car. I was hoping...
  14. ATTS; Base vs SH questions & answers

    5th Gen
    hey fellas brand new to the site had a few questions with the SH bought my first lude about 2 years ago FREAKING love this car, later on started to put on the basics intake header flywheel clutch and all the rest, finding out how expensive that ATTS is SUCKED im handy with a wrench but i wont...
  15. Type SH vs Stang GT

    Street Racing
    Ok off the bat i was shocked by this out come... but anyway make a long story short there were these 2(driver and passager) 17yr old wanna be badasses with a GT. I rolled up to the light they were just grilling the hell out my lude.. I looked at them and said "Can i help u?" they just laughed...