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  1. First time Prelude Owner, Auto transmission questions.

    5th Gen
    Hi, I just bought a cheap 1999 Honda Prelude Auto. The car was cheap because the previous owner apparently had too many cars and was having financial issues so didn't re-register it in January. I did some research before purchase so I am aware of the major issues that the 5th gen lude auto has...
  2. Philadelphia Honda Prelude SH Rebuild

    5th Gen
    Hello, I'm rebuilding my 1999 Honda Prelude Type SH and live outside Philadelphia. I will be starting with the transmission and clutch and will then focus on the engine and finally the bodywork. I was wondering if anyone is from the tri-state area and had any good recommendations for where...
  3. D2A4 trans swap with D2M4

    3rd Gen
    Can I swap D2A4 trans with D2M4 I have a 1990 2.0 S with a B20A3 engine. The D2A4 needs to be replaced and the local junkyard has a D2M4 in an 89 2.0 S. I'm pretty sure the 89 with D2M4 also has a B20A3 engine. Would I be able to directly swap in the D2M4, or would I need anything else?
  4. Tranny swap or rebuild?

    3rd Gen
    Hello! I have a 1990 2.0 S with a B20A3 engine and D2A4 manual transmission. Since I bought it, third gear grinds when I try to engage it. Should I try to find another transmission, or can I replace just third and all the bearings/seals and what not? I assume any transmission I can find at a...
  5. 5th Gen Auto Trans Slams into reverse (very harsh slam)

    5th Gen
    I'll start out by saying I'm a new member and I've searched around a lot and haven't found anything relating to my exact problem so I apologize if this has been posted and/or answered already. ON TO MY ISSUE: I have a 5th gen Prelude (2001) with an auto transmission. The vehicle only has 139k...
  6. Transmission replacement

    5th Gen
    Hey Preluders! First time posting here. Got a quick question for the "pros" out there. My 16 yr old son has a 2000 Prelude, base model with an automatic tranny, and not Type S. When he got it we spent about a grand on it putting new tires, brakes, suspension, flushing all fluids, replacing...
  7. Help! Transmission rebuild questions m2a4

    4th Gen
    So I just started putting my trans back together the other day after buying a synchrotech master rebuild kit and it did not come with a mainshaft clutch housing bearing and mine is definitely shot. The one I pulled from the trans has two o rings on the outer radius. Should I be worried that on...
  8. Transmission slipping

    3rd Gen
    I got my '91 automatic a few months ago now from a guy who has had all the service records from the past 17 years. The transmission was replaced at around 100k, car now has 200k. He religiously took it into the shop every 3000 for an oil change, every 15000 for a full fluids change. The last one...
  9. M2Y4 Transmission Rebuild Difficulties.

    5th Gen
    EDIT: My apologies if this should be under a more general topic, I figured since my car is a 5th gen, this is where I would post I recently bought a 97 Prelude that came with a spare (yet broken) transmission since the one which is in the car has some nasty grind into 2nd. (And has since died...
  10. B20 Swap clutch question.

    3rd Gen
    I have a JDM B20A and just had to order a JDM B20A Transmission for 88-91 (they didn't specify 88-89 or 90-91) I need to find out what clutch I need to get. theyre Japanese so do I get a Japanese specific clutch or am I fine getting any clutch kit that auto zone says fits the 2.0?
  11. HELP: 3rd Gen Clutch wont shift when started

    3rd Gen
    In sum, my car wont go into gear while running... but when its off it will go into all gears. To put it into gear and start it causes the car to jump forward even with the clutch pushed I think.. but the slave cylinder / fork opens up when you push the clutch. Also.. I did the B21A1 swap to...
  12. WTB: 5th gen AUTO transmission

    A good working auto tranny please for a base prelude I need to know about one asap. Located In indianapolis indiana, so if you live close i will pick it up myself. text me 317 397 61 nine seven
  13. Help atts repairable?

    5th Gen
    I have a 97 lude with atts and about 3 weeks ago I lost control on some black ice (Cleveland oh) needless to say I ended up replacing some power steering lines and the driver side cv axle. Now for the problem with the ATTS, where the cv axle connects to the ATTS it seems like the bearing inside...
  14. Transmission Help! (Automatic)

    5th Gen
    My prelude (5th gen - 2000) it's an automatic and, well, it has been kicking since i got it but not when I accelerate, but when I come to a complete stop my rpm with go down to 1 and shoot up to 1500 rpm and then kicks...My guess is that the ATF needs to be changed considering the previous owner...
  15. i need help on option try 5gen

    5th Gen
    hi here my deal i seen a for sale or trade 1999 prelude link: but he said the automatic trans is giving up or have some trouble . my confusion issue is are all 5th gen is obd2 mean base and sh model since h and f is the same can i use...
  16. 4th Gen Clutch Kit

    4th Gen
    Whats up! I'm new to the forum and need a bit of advice. I am looking to fet a new clutch for my 94 h22 prelude Vtek but am unsure of what to get. i am looking for a clutch that is good for everyday drive but would still increase proformance for street racing (some more power). i need some...
  17. i need shift cables !

    3rd Gen
    I cannot shift right now barely its only gonna get worst does anyone know where I can buy some or if ur selling some can I buy them from u.
  18. my prelude wont shift*help please*

    3rd Gen
    Hi I'm new to here but yea just like in the title my prelude is locked and won't shift to any of the top half I can shift to 2 - 4 - R but can't shift to 1 -3 -5 idk what's going on but I can't find anything about it so who better to ask then people with the same car. In the end has...
  19. 5spd swap question

    4th Gen
    Ok so iv been searching and can't really get any clear info on this but I was wondering if I could get a complete 5spd swap out of a 90-95 accord to fit into my 92 prelude. So basicly what I'm asking is will everything from those year accords bolt right into the 92 prelude, by everything I mean...
  20. Clutch Release Fork

    2nd Gen
    I am replacing the clutch in my 86 lude SI. I finally got the transmission out and I am hoping that the problem is the throw out bearing(using a clutch kit so it was getting replaced regardless). I think the shift release fork is damaged, does anyone have any pictures of what it should look...