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  1. Car Related
    Thought i would share this with you guys, just some fun from a practice day at the track. Driver **** in his Nissan Cefiro running a GTX35 Garrett turbo on his 1jz.
  2. Car Related
    "Track day" videos can get boring, watching slow cars drive around turns slowly. But put in some nice production and it can look pretty cool!
  3. Drag
    Well i didnt know of a good title for this. Those of you with h22ludes what is the last gear you are on at the end of the track? I noticed i can either redline the crap out of my car on 3rd and finish the 1/4mile or shift into 4th and not redline my car. Last year i did both but i forgot...
  4. 3rd Gen
    Going to throw up some videos from our recent trackday at Anglesea. Probably not in any order as you'll see. This first one is the first part of the 3 part last session on Sunday. Cut short by wayward Cat. Last...