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  1. My Prelude can drive itself. Can yours?

    4th Gen
    Hello, this is my first post, I haven't done any mods yet, I'm still trying to get a solid platform going. I have just resealed the engine and put it back in my 92 Prelude Si. Now, when I start driving, it will rev itself up to 2000 rpm even after I have taken my foot off the accelerator pedal...
  2. Do i really need a new throttle body!?

    5th Gen
    So i am officially confused! I just got done doing a rebuild on my h22a4 due to a spun rod bearing. I did all the proper break in procedures and piston ring seating procedures. All the time i was getting idle surge once the car was warmed up. I have had idle surge before, so i tried every...
  3. b series tps

    3rd Gen
    I tryed searching but got no results. Last week i ordered a tps sensor for my lude off ebay. Now the ad said it was for a b21 but i have a feeling the people who sold it to me have no idea the b20/1 are different than the rest of the b series. So today i put it on my car and noticed a big...
  4. Possible TPS or O2 sensor troubles?

    3rd Gen
    Hello 3rd gen'ers, Moved up from a 2nd gen to a 3rd gen 1991 Prelude Si 2.0. I love the car but need some help. I've had the car for a good 2 or 3 weeks and after the 2nd week I got a Check Engine light for a slight moment.On a good drive I notice that my car bogs bellow 3000 rpm and feels a...