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  1. WTB 14521-p14-a00 H23 Part USA

    Looking for the H22 to H23 conversion plate 14521-p14-a00. Came on 92-96 Honda Prelude Si H23A1 Engine. Anyone got one for sale within USA? Looking to have shipped via USPS 2 Day Flat Rate Small Padded Bag for $8 to 47610. Paying through paypal pm me please with price including $8 shipping and...
  2. Timing cover needed for 91 2.05L

    3rd Gen
    Still hoping someone is parting out or can locate a lower timing cover for my 91 Prelude. It has the 2.05L motor. I need to get it back together. Any help would be appreciated! Alwaysidaho
  3. Does the timing belt need to come off to replace valve stem seals?

    5th Gen
    Hi, I've searched all over the forums, but I can't seem to find an answer. All the writeups / tutorials that include replacing the valve seals also tend to replace the belt. Mine's only about 40k kms old, and I really don't want to spend all day taking it off. Is it possible to loosen it enough...
  4. Can't get ignition timing correct.

    3rd Gen
    So I'm very close to breaking in my engine, but I'm stuck because I can't get to 15 BTDC on the flywheel. I can just get past the white TDC mark, maybe plus 5? I'm using a B18A1 intake camshaft, would this have anything to do with it? I'm also using a Acura Vigor TB (which isn't actually...
  5. B20A5 Timing belt vibration

    3rd Gen
    I recently changed the timing belt on my 89 Lude, now when I rev the engine I can see the timing belt rattling back and forth causing my noise. Should I replace the tensioner as well or is there a trick to getting that little extra belt tension?
  6. decreased highway speed, eventually stalled, towed home, wont start. help!

    3rd Gen
    hey guys so my friend who drives a 1991 accord LX came to me because she said she was driving on the highway, the car started to slow down so she gave more gas but nothing happened, she downshifted to get higher revs but it kept slowing down until it eventually stalled and she pulled over. she...
  7. Distributor timing h22

    5th Gen
    Ok so I searched but didnt find anything helpfull so here it goes. When I picked up my car it had no distributor for reasons I am unaware of. I got a distributor from a junkyard. Wasnt a u-pull it but they said it was off a 97 ( mine is a 97, Idk if the dizzys changed year to year or not)...
  8. Timing belt issues

    4th Gen
    Hey guys, i have a 93 prelude with an h23 block w/o vtec. The guy i bought it from also gave me an h22 vtec head. I am encountering problems with the timing belts because the vtec head is a half inch thicker than the original h23 one. I have tried installing the regular sprockets and timing belt...
  9. H22A4 ECU and OBDII to OBDI Conversion

    5th Gen
    Is it true that if your timing is all out of whack, that simply rotating the distributor on a 5th Gen Lude will not adjust the timing? Does the ECU auto-correct the timing to what it "thinks" is correct? I have seen the flow-chart for the Honda Maintenance Manual that says if you measure the...
  10. Just bought a 97 prelude sh and cant put it back together, need pics for help!!

    5th Gen
    I'm trying to put the timing pieces together on my 97 prelude sh but i cant figure out where some of the parts go. Can anyone help with some pictures??
  11. 5 CEL's!! im buggin out misfiring like crazy

    5th Gen
    I have a 97' base model with 165k miles on the car and 65k on the rebuilt top end after a blown headgasket at 100k for the past couple month i was experiencing misfires on cold start ups and threw a p0302 cyl #2 misfire. i did tune up (plugs, wires, cap, rotor, coil, egr valve (didnt have time...