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throttle body


    2nd Gen
    Umm soo i think I’ve looked everywhere on the fucking internet to find a new throttle body seeing as my screw is striped and my throttle body its self is cracked, I bought one on eBay but it arrived today and I was disappointed to see that it was very dirty and very much stuck closed. Is it...
  2. tb, iacv, and fitv questions on a f22a1

    4th Gen
    i took off and cleaned my tb, but i forgot which coolant hoses go where. i only need to know the bottom two hoses. My car started through a code 6 a little bit after that and the shop told me it was the iacv and fitv, but i cleaned them and im still getting it. i also replaced the coolent temp...
  3. Do i really need a new throttle body!?

    5th Gen
    So i am officially confused! I just got done doing a rebuild on my h22a4 due to a spun rod bearing. I did all the proper break in procedures and piston ring seating procedures. All the time i was getting idle surge once the car was warmed up. I have had idle surge before, so i tried every...
  4. what can i do to upgrade my engine?

    4th Gen
    i just bought a JDM h22a and im about to put it in my 93 prelude, i was wondering what are good upgrades to do? i wanted a bigger throttle body but i heard it doesnt do much, is that true?
  5. F/S 3rd Gen: b21 Intake Manifold, TB, & Plenum

    I have a B21 intake manifold, TB, and plenum for sale. I am asking $85 obo shipped w/ in the continental US. It is actually dirtied than it looks in the pictures. Everything has been stripped to put on the one I had bored by The EGR Valve in the picture will more than...
  6. Calling all BlueToppers with JDM Throttle Body!!

    5th Gen
    What throttle body gasket did you guys use?? the h22 one is not only too small, but due to the FITV, it doesnt seal the jdm throttle body up right. S2000 one work? or did you just make your own? is there a throttle body similar to h23a that will work? (65mm and no FITV) Thanks! and by the...
  7. Vigor Throttle body for B20A

    3rd Gen
    Hey i just need a little bit of help.. i have a 1989 prelude si B20A5 i was told that u can put a a throttle body form a 94 Acura Legend or a Acura Vigor and dat it will bolt right up lines will also match.. So i went ahead n honned out my intake manifold for 2 days about 7hours of labor i got...
  8. Omni Power vs Skunk2 throttle body

    5th Gen
    I currently own a skunk2 billet 70 mm throttle body and I love it but as with most skunk2 throttle bodies they have that sticking problem; this what annoys me. I am looking into the Omni Power throttle body and I have a few questions that need answered by those who own or any knowledge of this...
  9. F/S 5th Gen: 68mm Throttle body, vtec solenoid, mani, injectors, etc.

    Hey guys I have a couple of parts I got off my blown engine as well as the engine, but I plan on keeping the engine for a build later. Do not need a good few of these parts though so all are obo or up for trades. Prices are obo and do NOT include shipping. Local in Chattanooga TN or Knoxville...
  10. El Problemo

    5th Gen
    Hey guys, Haven't been on here much lately. I've been studying abroad in Spain for 4 months. Long story short: Last week my car was running fine. Then one morning, I noticed that when I started it, the start wasn't as strong. Finally, by the end of the day, it wouldn't start at all. I needed a...
  11. high rpm...runs on its own

    3rd Gen
    I have an 88 prelude 4Ws si fuel injected lude, that is reving at 2000, in gear i dont have to use the gas pedal, the car goes anyways and when in neutral revs high. if you have any idea what this could be id appretiate it...ive checked the TB and cleaned it, and suspect that its a vacuum...