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  1. 3rd Gen
    Hey guys and gals (mostly guys I guess lol) I've been searching everywhere. This post ( has helped out a great amount but this is all I can find for my h23a swap that I'm still having issues diagnosing per cooling fans not engaging. I...
  2. 4th Gen
    I have a 92 prelude Si and my engine temp wont read, ive replaced units and plugs and all this stuff and im done with it so im just gonna buy a temp gauge, but i dont know how to install it. Any tips from someone who knows how to do it!? thanks guys vic
  3. 3rd Gen
    Ok so a while back I put in some glow guages and after I was done I realized my gas and temp guage arn't going up to where they should. They act like they're trying to work but just not getting up high enough. I've manually pushed them up only to have them fall down again. Any ideas on what...
1-3 of 3 Results