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  1. NorthWest
    Hey guys. I was interested in checking out a meet/group but the forums here have me feeling like they don't exist around here anymore. SO... 1) Do they exist around here? If so... 1a) Do they consist of all high schoolers? (Not that I have anything against that, but generally speaking...
  2. 3rd Gen
    So I am having the head job from hell on my B20A5.... :jehon: Premature belt breaking at 60K, front main seal was bad and the timing belt gear for the crank was rusted onto the crankshaft! :wzbigcry: I had looked closely at the gear and it looked like the key was sheared off because it was not...
  3. Prelude Meets
    Tuesday the 11 me and a handfull of friends are going to kent park and ride to take pictures and show of the Spanway/Tacoma area import scene
1-3 of 3 Results