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  1. 5 Speed Complete Shifter Assembly

    5 Speed Shifter assembly, Shift Cables, Shifter, Trans Bracket, Boot & Knob. With all hardware. All in good working condition. All out of a 5th gen 5 speed. $175 shipped.
  2. Need B20a5

    3rd Gen
    My Motor tied up and need a new one preferably in Washington state or nearby states. THe sooner the better
  3. Full H22 Engine Harness

    Full H22 5th gen Engine Harness. $120 shipped in the U.S. no broken plugs or wires. 5 speed
  4. PLEASE HELP..... 2000 Honda Prelude SH motor/transmission swap

    5th Gen
    I was having some issues with my stock prelude SH and decided to do a full swap. I went with H22A 2.2L Accord Euro R with a T2W4 LSD Transmission. We doubled checked every connector and sensor but we still can't get it to turnover. I am not the main mechanic on this project. Thankfully he is...
  5. H22 or maybe F20B Swap

    3rd Gen
    Hey guys, I think it's finally time to start the process for a motor AND transmission swap for my '91 Prelude Si. The car currently has a B21A1 with an automatic transmission. I'm looking to go for a H22 swapped from a 92-95 Prelude with a 5-speed manual transmission. I'm in the process of...
  6. D2A4 trans swap with D2M4

    3rd Gen
    Can I swap D2A4 trans with D2M4 I have a 1990 2.0 S with a B20A3 engine. The D2A4 needs to be replaced and the local junkyard has a D2M4 in an 89 2.0 S. I'm pretty sure the 89 with D2M4 also has a B20A3 engine. Would I be able to directly swap in the D2M4, or would I need anything else?
  7. B series swap on a 1986 honda prelude

    Write ups & How tos
    I have a 1986 Honda prelude with, what I think is a A20a3 motor. Knowing there isn't much aftermarket support for the A series motors, I was considering doing a B series engine swap. I found some innovative motor mounts for the 86-89 honda accords. would these motor mounts work with the 86...
  8. H23a Low Idle, Surge at low RPM

    4th Gen
    So I have just completed the swap of a h23a into a 95 prelude and am having some issues getting it to run right. First off, it idles extremely low. It does not surge, just when it is cold starts at like 1k then works it way down to around 500. The bigger problem is while driving at lower rpms...
  9. taillight lens replacements? Acura Integra?

    3rd Gen
    I'm sorry I skeemed through the threads real quick and searched in the page and couldn't find anything. I'm sick of having a busted driver taillight and cant find a half good cheap one. Despirate measures to making it look pro or as close to the real deal. So do you know of any other tail lights...
  10. Tranny swap questions

    3rd Gen
    So I have a 1991 Honda prelude project car I'm trying to turn into my daily driver as I am currently stuck driving my big ass truck around that gets around7mpg.... Not cool or very friendly to the wallet out my funds situation, the car has a b20a5 motor with the current d2a4 tranny that's...
  11. 3rd Gen_ 1989 4ws Prelude Si from Hawaii

    This will be a slow build but I've done a lot to my 1989 Prelude. One reason why Prelude is not only my 1st model car but also I bought this when my grandma died. Every time I'm inside the car I always remember her and feel same. But above all the reason I enjoy driving the car so I decided to...
  12. 1988-89 Prelude Cluster Swap to 5th gen Prelude 1997-01

    3rd Gen
    1988-89 Prelude Cluster Swap to 5th gen Prelude Cluster 1997-01 This swap is not 100% I have a h22 swap done to my car so the VSS is a little but mostly Everything is in here and pls lmk if something need to be fix or wrong and pls if some one can share light the high beam indicator...
  13. Build a new H22 or Build my F22?

    4th Gen
    I have a 92 prelude S and I absolutely love the car, except it's obvious that the engine is getting a little tired. By the end of the summer I want to either rebuild it or replace it. My end goal for the car is to throw a turbo on it, since I absolutely love the prelude platform and would swap...
  14. F20B making vtec work

    3rd Gen
    Hey guys, to start off i have a 1989 Prelude Si and im currently swapping the b20a5 with a F20B (DOHC) SIR-T. Instead of going OBD1 Im sticking with the PCB-004 ECU (OBD2). My question is how will i make vtec work? I put the vss from the b20 onto the f20b but im pretty much clueless from there...
  15. Tranny Swap Shifter cable length

    5th Gen
    I'm getting ready to do a 5th gen tranny swap (Auto is pooped out). I've read through all the swap threads and see it says you can use a 4th gen Shifter. It seems like cable length on 4th and 5th gen are different from the pics I've seen on eBay. I was just curious if you can mismatch different...
  16. bb6 h22a swap parts????

    5th Gen
    Heys guys I got one last question (for now) about swapping a h22a into my bb6. What parts do i have to swap over from the old h22a4 in order to get it to pass smog and run. I know i have to swap out the dizzy and a few other parts, but i haven't been able to find a list or how to. I just want to...
  17. New to forums, have a few questions.

    Hey guys, new to the forums. Just got a '97 lude from my brother for cheap cheap, just has a blown automatic trans(base model, not SH). Really want to do a manual swap, have read rompirates instructions many times and think its doable. A few specific questions I have are it has VTEC in it...
  18. Blue top H23 in 89 4WS swap questions

    3rd Gen
    So, I plan on using this car for autox, & would like more low end. I've chosen the VTEC H23 as my desired swap. I have some questions that I'm having trouble finding answers for. Question 1: What mounts would you recommend? Question 2: What extra steps do I need to take considering my...
  19. WTB: 3rd Gen ESP H22 swap mounts

    Looking for 3rd Gen H22 swap mounts from Explicit speed Performance ONLY. If anyone purchased some in advance and decided not to do the swap after all; I'll make sure they don't got to waste. Yes I know I can buy from them; no I don't want to wait. I know how long there wait is. Thanks Hit...
  20. Ultimate swap list??

    2nd Gen
    I have read all the sticky's, all the engine build threads, the head comparison threads and all other technical data threads. I can not for the life of me figure out the whole engine number lingo. when you read these threads the posters are so knowleageable about these engines that they...